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Season 2021/2022

Friday 14th January 2022

Competition Matches week commencing 17th January

Monday 17th January 2022 - Individual Merit (Last 16)

Tuesday 18th January 2022 - Team Championship (Last 16)

Outstanding/Postponed League Matches from 2021/22 Season

Please can team captains confirm as soon as possible when these matches have been rearranged for if not stated below.

Division 1

Week 1

Bridgewater 'A' v Walkers 'B' (Date TBC)

Week 10

Bridgewater ‘A’ v Kings Club ‘A’ (Date TBC)

Division 2

Week 13

Woolston ‘C’ v GESM ‘B’ (To be Played on Wednesday 23rd February)
Alford ‘A’ v Penketh Cons ‘A’ (Date TBC)

Many thanks

Pat Wisedale


Kenny Paget

During the meeting that was held this last Monday 20th December, Kenny Paget announced to those in attendance his decision to step away from the Warrington Snooker League committee and subsequently his role as competition secretary.

Kenny notified Graham and myself shortly after the start of the season of his intention to no longer be on the comittee due to a new role he has up taken with Warrington Wolves, and as he is unable to find the time for both, feels this was the right time to step away from committee of the Warrington Snooker League.

Kenny has provided over 20 years of excellent service on the committee of the league in which at times can be a thankless and time consuming role to ensure we all have fixtures and competitions to play in each season. Without the work he has done behind the scenes there is no guarantee that this league would still be going and I believe we all owe him a great debt of gratitude for the work and time he has put into the league.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Kenny for helping me over the last 4 years since coming onto the committee with learning the ropes, dealing with certain situations as well as the support he has given me in the role since being chairman. In the short time I have been doing this I have nothing but respect for Kenny to be able to stick at it for as long as he has!

It was great to Kenny to attend the meeting on Monday to notify those all present of his decision and fitting that he presented the awards for the 2019/20 season that was delayed due to the pandemic

I’m sure you will all join me in thanking Kenny for all that he has done for the Warrington Snooker League as well as wishing him all the very best in his future endeavours.

Pat Wisedale

Competition Secretary

With Kenny stepping down, we are now looking for a new competition secretary to come on board. If anyone is interested in putting their name forward to take this role then please can you contact either Graham Waterworth or Pat Wisedale as soon as possible to declare your interest. We have already had a few people mention they would be willing to help but no one has fully provided us with a guarantee they can do so.

Kenny has kindly confirmed that should anyone wish to take on the role he will be on call to help and guide them with any queries or issues they may have over the next 6-12 months.

For now, Pat Wisedale will continue as he has this season in sorting the completion draws and results until we get someone else on board. We don’t have many draws/rounds left to do this season so it may be that this role starts a fresh from the 2022/23 season depending on the interest we get.

Christmas & New Year

Finally it wouldn’t be right to finish without saying that we wish everyone connected with the Warrington Snooker League and their families a safe, enjoyable and wonderful Christmas & New Year.

We look forward to (hopefully) resuming the snooker league the first week in January.

Kind Regards

Pat Wisedale & Graham Waterworth


Monday 15th December 2021 

Monthly Meeting - Monday 20th December 

Please note the meeting due on Monday 20th December is still to go ahead as planned at Walkers and will start at 19:30 prompt; 

All team captains/representatives as well as any players/teams who are expecting prize money and/or trophies from the 2019/20 season are expected to attend the meeting and the following will be the agenda for the evening;

  • Outstanding Registration and Competition Payments
  • Match fees for first 11 league games (up until the Christmas break) of 2021/22 season
  • COVID-19 update
  • Kenny Paget Announcement
  • Competition Secretary Position
  • 2019/20 season presentation (trophies and monies)

Please note that any referee payments for the 2019/20 season will be handed out at the January meeting as weare currently finalising all details of matches that were officiated.

January Competitions

Please note that each team captain will be emailed a copy of the competition draws for January in the next few days and these will also be added to the website. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a printer to enable me to print a copy for each team and to hand these out at the meeting.

I will be in touch with each captain in the coming days and dates for the competitions are as follows;

Monday 10th January 2022 – Individual Handicap (Last 16)
Tuesday 11th January 2022 – Team Handicap (Last 16)
Monday 17th January 2022 – Individual Merit (Last 16)
Tuesday 18th Janaury 2022 – Team Championship (Last 16)
Monday 24th January 2022 – Pairs Handicap (Last 16)
Tuesday 25th January 2022 – Three Man Team (Last 16)

Outstanding December Competition Matches

Pairs Handicap - Last 32
Gary Lunn (Woolston A) v John Rathbone (The Hatter)
Keith Melia (GESM A) v Chris Giblin (Penketh Cons B)

Outstanding/Postponed League Matches from 2021/22 Season

Please can team captains confirm as soon as possible when these matches have been rearranged for if not stated below.

Division 1

Week 1
Bridgewater 'A' v Walkers 'B'

Week 8
Monks 'A' v The Grange

Week 10
Bridgewater ‘A’ v Kings Club ‘A’

Division 2

Week 12
Penketh Cons 'A' v Deaf Social 'B'

Many thanks

Pat Wisedale


Three Man Team Final 2019/20

Phil Bate Team (Woolston A) beat Lee Chambers Team (GESM A)

Frame 1 – Dean Little (-4) (Woolston A) v Pat Wisedale (-5) (GESM A)

The first frame of the evening saw Dean Little take on Pat Wisedale in what was a close frame from start to finish. In the early exchanges, Pat generally got most of the run limiting Dean’s chances when he came to the table. A series of excellent long pots helped Pat to 8 point with both players missing chances to stamp their authority on the frame. Dean responded with a 22 break during the frame which put it back in his favour going onto the last two reds. A costly miss of the black on the spot meant Pat trailed by 6 as they entered the colours. Pat disposed of the yellow and green to trail by one and then potted the brown from distance only to see the cue ball come back the length of the table and fall into the top left pocket. This gave Dean a great chance to take the frame and he did so excellently clearing from brown to black which would have a big impact later in the match to give his team the advantage after the first frame.

Phil Bate Team (Woolston A) led by 27 points after 1 frame.

Frame 2 – Mark Wilkinson (-4) (Woolston A) v Lee Chambers (21) (GESM A)

Lee Chambers (Sid) started excellently in frame two and had Mark Wilkinson on the back foot from the off. With a 25 start, Sid took important reds and colours in nearly each of his first half a dozen visits to the frustration of Wilko who had limited chances early in the frame. Sid then maintained his lead throughout the majority of the frame and with the colours remaining he had accumulated a 48 points. At a critical stage of the match, Wilko stepped up to the plate and took all the 6 colours at the end of the frame meaning that he had reduced the deficit to just 21 points and gave his team a slender advantage going into the last frame. To emphasise the importance of these colours and then ones that Dean took in the first frame, these contributed to a 98 point swing in the match had Pat & Sid been able to take these.

Phil Bate Team (Woolston A) led by 6 points after 2 frames.

Frame 3 – Phil Bate (-2) (Woolston A) v John Barton (1) (GESM A)

Taking into account the players handicaps, the aggregate score was down to just 3 points as we broke off in the final frame of which had the ingredients to be a great frame with the personnel involved. A tight safety battle began the frame close to the pack of reds and the black spot as the natural safety up the table was out of the equation due to the fact that two reds were in open play between blue and bulk colours. Following a great long red from John, he just couldn’t get himself on an angle to the pot the black which would have been a good scoring chance early on. On Phil’s next visit he took advantage of this and started to build a small lead in the frame keeping John’s opportunities at a premium. Phil was cueing really well on the night and he continued to build a healthy gap of 25 points with half the reds remaining. John then had two similar good chances, each time playing for the black but the rapid pace of the table caught him out both occasions and he just came too far to capitalise on each chance. Phil picked off the final three reds including one fluke that left himself snookered but he managed to escape and left John needing 3 snookers. John managed to get one back, but it was too much of an ask to get all three and Phil claimed victory for his side taking the green and brown to secure the match for his team.

Sid, Pat & John will be hoping to go one further in this year’s 3 man team competition which starts in December but the night belonged to Dean, Wilko & Phil who added to an impressive season for the Woolston lads. Congratulations to the three of them on being crowned the 2019/20 three man team champions.


Individual Handicap Semi Final & Final 2019/20

Semi Final Results

Joe Sykes (Kings Club A) 0-2 Dean Knox (Cadishead Cons)
Keith Melia (GESM A) 1-2 Keith Owen (Monks A)

Final Result

Dean Knox (Cadishead Cons) 3-2 Keith Owen (Monks A)

In unusual circumstances, both the semi-finals & final were played on the same evening and I'd like to thank all four players for agreeing for this to happen. With some not playing in the league this season due to other commitments & living away from the area as well as players having limited table time over the last few months it’s great to have completed this competition with close matches.

Commiserations to Joe Sykes, Keith Melia who should be proud of their efforts to get to the semi-final in such a tough competition. Finally, having played the most frames in the evening with both of his matches going the distance, a mention our runner up Keith Owen who just missed out on winning the compeition with Dean pipping him on the pink in the deciding frame on what was a long evening for both players.

Apologies for the short write up, I was involved in the three man team final on the same evening so didn't see any of the action.


Dave Carroll (Alford B)

The league is saddened to hear of the recent passing of Dave Carroll.

Dave played within the league on and off for over 30 years for clubs such as the old Grange club, Kings Club, Warrington Cons and most recently Alford Hall, for whom he had represented their B team as recent as this season.

For those of you who knew Dave and would like to pay their respects, teammate and close friend Russ Jones has confirmed that the funeral will be held at the Crematorium on Friday 26th November at 12:20pm.

Our thoughts are with his family and close friends at this time.


Team Handicap Final 2019/20 Season

Kings Club ‘A’ beat Eagle Sports by 7 points

Martin McInerney (20) 73-76 (18) Renzo Manfredi
Tyler Whittaker (22) 52-81 (18) Wayne Aspinall
Danny Shaw (18) 48-67 (1) Tony Sutcliffe
Ste Dolley (12) 84-52 (17) Mike Fenney
Anton Evans (-11) 58-65 (27) Peter Stringfellow
Harry Bamber (41) 99-66 (12) Louis Davies

Kings Club ‘A’ 414 – 407 Eagle Sports

In similar fashion to the team championship match that took place the week before, the team handicap final came down to the final black in what was a tense final.

Starting proceedings in the evening was Martin McInerney against Renzo Manfredi & Tyler Whittaker who was paired against Wayne Aspinall.

Renzo took an early advantage in his frame taking control of the frame early on and building a small lead but Martin was able to pull it back later in the frame taking some important colours as the frame drew to a close meaning he only lost the frame by 3 points.

On the other table Wayne put in an excellent performance and capitalised on some chances that were left from Tyler where he was unlucky with some of the efforts he went for in the frame. Both players played in an attack minded way and it made for a good frame to watch for those in attendance.

Eagle Sports 32 points up after 2 frames.

Chances were at a premium for much of the frame for Danny Shaw as Tony Sutcliffe used all his experience to keep him at bay. In fairness to Danny, he stayed in the frame and gave himself a great chance to pinch it with the colours left late in the frame. Unfortunately he didn’t quite take his chance but Tony finished the frame in superb fashion with one of the best shots under pressure on the pink send the white back round the table and back for the black. It was an awesome shot that Tony played to take the frame.

Across the room, Steve Dolley kept Mike Fenney at bay for most of the frame playing some excellent snooker which got Kings Club ‘A’ back into the match at a time where it could have got away from them.

Eagle Sports 19 points up after 4 frames.

The last two frames of the evening began with all to play for. Anton Evans had his work cut out giving 38 start to Peter Stringfellow. Anton had a couple of chances early doors that he couldn’t quite make the most of which gave Peter a chance to get himself into the frame and he kept a steady head to win the frame by 7 points.

It all came down to the last frame to finish on the evening and when the other frame had finished Harry Bamber knew that he had to beat Louis Davis by 27 points to claim the title for his team. There was tension and drama in the room and as they got down to the colours the match was on a knife edge and a costly foul by Louis leaning over the pink put the advantage back into Harry’s hands but he couldn’t quite take full advantage at the first attempt.

A couple of unnecessary comments whilst the players were down on shots followed which slightly spoilt the end of the match which had been played in good spirits until then. With just the pink and black left Eagle led the match by 6 points however Harry kept his cool to take both the pink and black to claim the Team Handicap trophy for Kings Club A by just 7 points.

Congratulations to them on edging a really close final but commiserations to Eagle Sports who having led nearly all the final will be gutted to have been on the losing end right at the end of the match.


2021/22 Competition Dates & Entries

We have now received all entries for the 2021/22 competitions and can confirm the following amount of entries for each competition;

Team Handicap – 26 Teams

We will require 10 pre-lim matches (20 teams) and 6 teams will get a bye. The 10 winners of the pre-lims will join the remaining 6 teams in the last 16. Dates for this competition are as follows

Tuesday 16th November 2021 – Pre Lim (Draw in the link below)

Team Handicap - Pre Lim Draw

The following teams have recevied a bye in this round:
Walkers B, Irlam Catholic, Alford B, Woolston C, Alford D & Eagle Sports

Tuesday 11th January 2022 – Last 16
Tuesday 8th February 2022 – Quarter Final
Tuesday 8th March 2022 – Semi Final
Tuesday 12th April 2022 – Final

Team Championship – 26 Teams

We will require 10 pre-lim matches (20 teams) and 6 teams will get a bye. The 10 winners of the pre-lims will join the remaining 6 teams in the last 16. Dates for this competition are as follows

Tuesday 30th November 2021 – Pre Lim (Draw in the link below)

Team Championship - Pre Lim Draw

The following teams have recevied a bye in this round:
Walkers A, Bridgewater A, Kings Club A, Woolston B, GESM B, Deaf Social B

Tuesday 18th January 2022 – Last 16
Tuesday 15th February 2022 – Quarter Final
Tuesday 15th March 2022 – Semi Final
Tuesday 19th April 2022 – Final

Individual Handicap – 49 Players

We will require 17 pre-lim matches (34 players) and 15 players will get a bye. The 17 winners of the pre-lims will join the remaining 15 players in the last 32. Dates for this competition are as follows

Monday 22nd November 2021 – Pre-Lim (Draw in the link below)

Inidividual Handicap - Pre Lim Draw

The following players have recevied a bye in this round:
Russ Jones (Alford B), Ian Bate (The Hatter), Jeff Robinson (GESM A), Ray Bate (Woolston B), Keith Melia (GESM A), Mark Wilkinson (Woolston A), Jamie Hynes (Alford A), Lee McDermott (Warrington Cons B), Mark Acton (GESM B), Connor Forshaw (Alford B), Gordon Ure (Monks A), Dave Ward (Irlam Catholic), Joe Gibbons (Alford A), Danny Shaw (Kings Club A), Craig Bailey (Walkers B)

Monday 13th December 2021 – Last 32
Monday 10th January 2022 – Last 16
Monday 7th February 2022 – Quarter Final
Monday 7th March 2022 – Semi Final
Monday 11th April – Final

Individual Merit – 25 Players

We will require 9 pre-lim matches (18 players) and 7 players will get a bye. The 9 winners of the pre-lims will join the remaining 7 players in the last 16. Dates for this competition are as follows

Monday 6th December 2021 – Pre-Lim (Draw in the link below)

Individual Merit - Pre Lim Draw

The following players have recevied a bye in this round:
Mike Delaney (Monks A), John Turnbull (St Benedicts A), Phil Bate (Woolston A), Pat Wisedale (GESM A), Tyler Whittaker (Kings Club A), Mike Chester (Alford B), Keith Veldhoven (Irlam Steel)

Monday 17th January 2022 – Last 16
Monday 14th February 2022 – Quarter Final
Monday 14th March 2022 – Semi Final
Thursday 7th April 2022 – Final

Pairs Handicap – 44 Pairs

We will require 12 pre-lim matches (24 pairs) and 20 pairs will get a bye. The 12 winners of the pre-lims will join the remaining 20 pairs in the last 32. Dates for this competition are as follows

Tuesday 23rd November 2021 – Pre-Lim (Draw in the link below)

Pairs Handicap - Pre Lim Draw

The following pairs have recevied a bye in this round:
Paul Nesbitt (Bridgewater A), Mitch McJay (Kings Club A), John O'Roukre (GESM B), Mike Delaney (Monks A), John Rathbone (The Hatter), Tom Bates (Woolston B), Mike Babington (Alford A), Nick Malkin (The Hatter), Gordon Ure (Monks A), Paul Duffy (Alford D), Brian Hall (The Grange), Lee Chambers (GESM A), Ste Whittaker (The Hatter), Craig Bailey (Walkers B), Brian Babington (Alford A), Ian Hall (The Grange), Scott Horobin (Woolston A), John Turnbull (St Benedicts A), Scott Livingstone (GESM A), Russ Jones (Alford B)

Tuesday 14th December 2021 – Last 32
Monday 24th January 2022 – Last 16
Monday 21st February 2022 – Quarter Final
Monday 21st March 2022 – Semi Final
Monday 4th April 2022 - Final

Three Man Team – 22 Teams

We will require 6 pre-lim matches (12 teams) and 10 teams will get a bye. The 6 winners of the pre-lims will join the remaining 10 teams in the last 16. Dates for this competition are as follows

Tuesday 7th December 2021 – Pre Lim (Draw in the link below)

Three Man Team - Pre Lim Draw

The following teams have recevied a bye in this round:
Scott Horobin (Woolston A), Harry Horton (Alford B), Wayne Aspinall (Eagle Sports), Luke Stacey (Kings Club A), Paul Duffy (Alford D), John O'Rourke (GESM B), Phil Bate (Woolston A), Scott Livingstone (GESM A), Nick Malkin (The Hatter), Dave Ward (Irlam Catholic)

Tuesday 25th January 2022 – Last 16
Tuesday 22nd February 2022 – Quarter Final
Tuesday 22nd March 2022 – Semi Final
Tuesday 5th April 2022 - Final


Dave Pownall (GESM 'C')

It is with great sadness to inform you that Dave Pownall passed away earlier this week. Not many of you may have known, but Dave was sadly diagnosed with Motor neurone disease (MND) during the pandemic.

Dave was known by many players within the league for well over 35 years and in most recent years played for teams such as Monks 'A', Earlstown Cons, Newton Social and then GESM 'C' who he represented from 2014 up until the start of the pandemic.

Dave was a gentleman and on a personal note, it was a pleasure to get to know him over the last decade through playing against him in the league and with both of us being members at GESM.

Our thoughts are with his family and close friends at this time.

Pat Wisedale


Individual Merit Final 2019/20

Gary Lunn 3-2 Mike Chester

The individual merit final took place this past Monday at Kings Club and it went all the way to a black ball final game where Gary Lunn came out on top over Mike Chester.

A break of 41 helped put Mike 1-0 ahead in the early exchanges but some excellent long potting got Gary back level and this continued into frame three as he took a 2-1 lead.

Showing his class Mike responded well in frame four to tie the match level at 2-2 and take it to a decider.

The final frame fittingly went down to a black ball frame and it was Gary who at the fifth time of asking finally got his hands on the individual merit trophy for the first time.

Apologies to Gary & Mike for the short write up as I wasn’t able to attend all of the the final but credit to both players for putting on what sounded like a great final.


Team Championship Final 2019/20 Season

Woolston ‘A’ beat The Grange by 14 points

Scott Horobin 72-45 Jon Newton
Phil Bate 54-54 James Beaton
Dean Little 47-75 Brian Hall (51 Break)
Mark Wilkinson 46-46 Lee Gordon
Ste Dodd 64-41 Ian Hall
Gary Lunn 46-54 Ian Beaton

A really close Team Championship final took place last night at GESM as Woolston ‘A’ just pipped The Grange in an thrilling final.

The first two frames saw Scott Horobin coming out on top by 27 points over Jon Newton whilst on the other table Phil Bate & James Beaton shared the spoils in a rare draw which surprisingly wasn’t to be the only one of the evening.

Woolston 27 points up after two frames

Frames 3 & 4 saw another draw take place with Mark Wilkinson & Lee Gordon finished level board each in a frame neither player gave each other man chances.

Across the room Brian Hall knocked in a brilliant 51 break in overcoming Dean Little by 28 points which left the 1 point in the match after 4 frames

The Grange 1 point up after 4 frames.

It all came down to the final two frames of the evening to decide the trophy for the 2019/20 season. Ian Beaton played some excellent snooker to keep Gary Lunn quiet in the early exchanges but some excellent shots on the colours towards the end of the frame meant that the frame ended close with Ian winning by 8 points to give The Grange a 9 point lead.

As their frame finished, Ste Dodd and Ian Hall had just got to the colours remaining. With just brown to black left, Ste led the frame by 1 point as he clinically took the brown, blue and pink to lead by 16 points in his frame and Woolston leading by 7 points in the match with just the black left.

A slight bit of confusion in the room meant that some players thought the match was over and some didn’t as had Ian potted the black it would have been a respot, but Ste calmly slotted the black away to claim victory for Woolston who take home the Team Championship to complete a team double with the division 1 title they had already claimed.

Commiserations to The Grange but well played both teams in what was an entertaining final to watch and referee.


Planned A57 Road Closure - 8 Weeks commencing on Monday 25th October

Teams travelling to and from Irlam Catholic and Irlam Steel

The A57 will be closed between junction 21 of the M6 and Warburton Bridge Road for eight weeks from Monday, October 25, between the hours of 7pm and 1am.

Diversion will be via Glazebrook Lane, Holcroft Lane, Birchwood Way and Woolston Grange Avenue as a result of the resurfacing work.

Many thanks


Tony Howard & Fred Barlow

The league is saddened to hear of the news that Tony Howard (GTBL) and Fred Barlow (Deaf Social ‘A’) have both passed away in recent weeks

Both players have played & contributed within the league for a number of seasons and will be missed by their fellow team mates and friends within the league.

Our thoughts are with their families and close friends at this time.