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Season 2021/2022

2019/20 Outstanding Competition Matches

Matches to be played Week Commencing 18/10/2021

Monday 18th October 2021 - Three Man Team Semi Finals
Venue: Kings Club
Time: 19:30

L Chambers (GESM A) v P Duffy (Aflord D)
P Bate (Woolston A) v S Livingtsone (GESM C)

Tuesday 19th October 2021 - Team Championship Final
Venue: GESM
Time: 19:30

Woolston A v The Grange


Tony Howard & Fred Barlow

The league is saddened to hear of the news that Tony Howard (GTBL) and Fred Barlow (Deaf Social ‘A’) have both passed away in recent weeks

Both players have played & contributed within the league for a number of seasons and will be missed by their fellow team mates and friends within the league.

Our thoughts are with their families and close friends at this time.


Wednesday 29th September 2021

Postponed Matches
Week 1 - Bridgewater 'A' v Walkers 'B'
Match Postponed due to positive COVID-19 cases.

Please note that the maximum any player should be off is 50. If there are any of players are quoted to have more than 50 on the handouts that were provided at the meeting on Monday this is an error as they should have been updated ahead of being printed.

I have notified most captains where discrepancies have been noticed but if there still any players showing a handicap over 50 then please let me know and I will update the website.

Website Login Details
Should any captains/team representatives require their User Name/Password to enable them to enter their result on the website then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will provide this information.

Please can all captains/team representatives attempt to do this themselves before sending me any match cards and asking me to enter the result. I want to ensure that all teams are able to enter their results during the season as this will save me a lot of time having to enter these and ensure that the website is working as expected.

Best of luck to all teams this season and enjoy the first round of matches this week.


Pat Wisedale

Friday 24th September 2021

Afternoon all, Jeff has kindly now added all of the team sheets and fixtures to the website for us.

Apart from a couple of small tweaks needed these should all be corrected (Week 19 some of the fixtures are the wrong way round) these are all correct and are ready for viewing. A copy of these will be handed out at the meeting on Monday.

Please can all captains/team representatives review and if any issues or discrepancies please notify us at the meeting on Monday. There are just a couple of handicaps (New players from 2019/20 season) that need to be checked and modified.

Apart from that it looks like we are all good to go from next week. Please ensure one person from each team attends the meeting on Monday.

Many thanks

Pat Wisedale

Evening all,

2021/22 League Season Information

We are pleased to announce the 2021/22 Warrington Snooker League will commence on Thursday 30th September (Wednesday 29th for those teams who are scheduled to play their first game at home on a Wednesday).

From the 26 entries we had for the 2021/22 season the divisional splits are as follows;


Division 1

Division 2


Woolston ‘A’

Woolston ‘C’





Eagle Sports

Walkers ‘A’


The Grange

Alford ‘B’


Irlam Catholic

Deaf Social ‘A’


Bridgewater ‘A’

Penketh Cons ‘A’


Kings Club ‘C’

Kings Club ‘B’





Walkers ‘B’

The Hatter ‘A’


Alford ‘D’

Alford ‘A’


Irlam Steel

Deaf Social ‘B’


Penketh Cons ‘B’

St Benedicts


Kings Club ‘A’

Warrington Cons ‘B’


Monks ‘A’

Woolston ‘B’

Please can all team captains/representatives ensure they attend a meeting at Walkers on Monday 27th September where they will receive the following;

  • Match Cards (x15)
  • Competition Sheets (Due in at meeting on Monday 25th October 2021)
  • Team Fixtures
  • League Calendar

The team fixtures will be published later this week on the website so all teams are aware of where and who they will be playing on the opening week.

Team booklets will not quite be ready in time for this meeting but will be given out in due course.

Please be aware that all registration fees for the 2021/22 season will also be due at the meeting on Monday 25th October.

2019/20 Outstanding Fees/Subs

There are a number of teams who still owe funds to the league from the 2019/20 season and we will be providing team captains/representatives with information of what they owe at the meeting on Monday 27th September. The teams are as follows

Alford ‘A’
Alford ‘D’
Bridgewater ‘A’
Eagle Sports
Kings Club ‘A’
Kings Club ‘C’/ Kings Club 'D' 
The Hatter ‘A’
St Benedicts
Walkers ‘A’
Warrington Cons ‘B’
Woolston ‘A’
Woolston ‘C’

Please note as the below teams are not re-entering the Warrington Snooker League and with that any players who were signed on for the following teams in the 2019/20 season will not be eligible to play in the 2021/22 season until outstanding fees have been paid. Any players who have joined other teams will need to contact Graham Waterworth at their earliest convenience to resolve this issue;

The Hatter B

2019/20 Competitions

I will be contacting all players and teams with respect to the outstanding 2019/20 competition matches which will all need to be played and concluded in October 2021. Please note that any competitions where both semi finals and finals are still to be played are to be arranged so these can all be played on the same night.

We wish all team and players the best for the 2021/22 season and it will be great to get back playing snooker.

Many thanks
Pat Wisedale