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The League has just been informed about the death of Chris Beatty after a short illness.

Chris started playing in this League in the 1999 season with firstly Snookers "A" and the when they moved with G.T.B.L. "A" and was well known to lots of players although he wasn't a Warrington lad.

Sadly this is yet another untimely death in a season when there seems to have been too many.


As per the rules of the League the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting has now been formulated and can be found by clicking on the Documents Section of this web site.


The Annual General Meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY 17th June 2015 at Tetley Walkers Club starting at 7.30pm and will be held in the Concert Room.

Any proposals for rule changes must be sent to the Committee no later than one month before the date of the A.G.M. so that they can be circulated to the clubs in plenty of time.

The Presentation of trophies for the season will follow the meeting.

There will be no further entries from me on this website.



The final of the Individual Merit was between Paul Oliver and Paul Dean and Paul Oliver went into a 2-0 lead. The next two frames were won by Paul Dean so leading to a deciding frame in which Paul Dean was 25 behind but cleared the colours up to win the match 3-2. There was no report about breaks so I have just put in what I was told.



The Final of the Three Man Team was won by Warren McDougall's team who beat Scott Horobin's team.

Warren McDougall went on first and had a 36 break in winning his frame against Jamie Hynes and in the second frame Karl Taylor had a break of 44 in winning his frame against Louis Babbington. Scott Horobin won the last frame against James Short and had a 39 break but it wasn't enough and the team from Cadishead were the winners.

The Individual Handicap Semi Finals took place on Thursday with Mark Wilkinson beating John Small and in the final will play Declan Cassidy who beat Phil Antrobus 2-0 and had a 66 break in the first frame.


The final of the Individual Handicap was played on Tuesday evening and was won by Declan Cassidy who beat Mark Wilkinson 3-1.

Mark had a 30 break in winning the first frame but Declan came back with a 37 break to make it one frame each. Declan won frame three and then had a 38 break in frame four to win the match. 


The final of the Pairs Handicap was won by the team of Scott Horobin who beat the team of Adam Rice.

Unfortunately again there is no report of how the match went.


The final of the Individual Merit will now be played on Monday 20th April 2015 with the date having to be changed due to unforseen circumstances.


I have just been told the terrible news that Alan Rimmer has died suddenly from a heart attack.

Alan is another player who has been around for many years playing at Penketh Cons in this league but also in others leagues around the area and yet again he is somebody who will be missed by everyone that knew him.



The Semi Finals of the Individual Merit took place last night with Paul Dean beating Dean Little to set up a final against Paul Oliver who beat Warren McDougall.

Unfortunately there has been no report on either match so nothing can be reported but if anything is sent to me then I will put it onto the website.


The monthly meeting was held last night and the final League Table sheet was given out as well as the last competition sheets.

I anounced at the meeting that I will not be standing for election at the A.G.M. for reasons that were stated and I don't want to go over them again.

I would like to wish everybody well for the future and I will carry on doing the website until the season finishes in the middle of April.

The Teasurer will be in the bar area of Tetley Walkers Club on Monday 27th April 2015 from 7.30pm for anybody that still owes money from the season.

My last act will be to put the date of the A.G.M. on this site.


To once again have to explain the deciding League positions after several enquiries

Rule 14

q) Teams finishing 1st, 2nd & 3rd will be promoted, the bottom three teams being relegated. To even out divisions some teams might not be promoted. The committee reserve the right to change this rule depending on the number of teams applying to join the League the following season.

r) In the event of a tie on points the following formula will apply:

i) The number of matches won.

ii) The total frames won in matches between the teams.

iii) The number of frames won in the season.

iv) If teams are still tied a deciding match to be played as per a league match on neutral tables.


The final of the Team Championship has taken place and was won by Newton Social "B" who beat Alford "B".

Interesting conversation with another member of the League Committee regarding this competition.

Thankfully I am not part of the pathetic Facebook craze that is going on but it would have been nice if the comments had come to me rather than being reported by someone else.

As everybody knows I am only too willing to put information onto the website no matter what the situation is whether it is a sad death, a break of some note or a result in a competition.

I find it impossible to put information on regarding the final of the Team Championship when the information hasn't been sent to me.

Perhaps these are the same people who can't be bothered to read the rules regarding competitions and eligibilty of players but if they don't want me to carry on putting information on then that is fine by me.




The Team Handicap Final played on Tuesday was an all Division Two affair between Cadishead Cons and Rylands "A" and the first two frames were shared with Rylands "A" taking a lead of eleven points thanks in part to a 31 break from Matt Morley in winning his frame. The next two frames were also shared but it looked that Rylands were going to have a substantial lead until a 40 break by Warren McDougall pulled his frame round.This meant that  Rylands went into the last two frames with only a lead of nineteen points but they managed to win both frames to secure their first trophy for over fifteen years. 






There has been reports of players in the League not being members of the club that they are playing in.

This may sound trivial but again without wishing to sound boring Rule 9 (b) states that if a club has a membership scheme then the players must be members before they can play in the League.

The rule has been there as long as I have played in the League and if it is reported to the committee that players are abusing this rule then steps will be taken to stop them playing until such time as they make themselves members.



The monthly meeting took place last night and the following teams failed to attend

Kings Club "A" and Penketh Cons "A".

Two trophies won last season were not returned

Division Three Trophy and the Pairs Handicap Trophy.


Congratulations to James Short who played in the Individual Merit on Monday and in winning his match had a break of 122 which is by far the highest in any competition so far this season.


It has been pointed out that in the Pairs Competition players are walking to the table and consulting with each other prior to each shot.

There used to be a Rule stating that this is not allowed but unfortunately seems to have gone from our rules.

The rule stated that you could confer with your partner away from the table but once you have approached to play your shot then no further talking would be allowed.

This is a matter of courtesy and I would like to hope that the eight pairs left in the competition would abide by this rule and it would also speed up the games.

If it is reported to the committee that this is being abused then we would have to act in future. 


I would like to remind everybody of Rule 18 (a) regarding player eligibility for cup games.

The rule states that from the Quarter Finals onwards a new player must have played six League games and an existing player must have played four League games to play in any competition.

This means that if any player has not played the required number of games he is not eligible to play in any later rounds of any competition.



A reminder about match results.

The match result must be with me by 6.00pm on Friday evening.

There are various way to give me the result and I am not bothered how I get it as long as I do.

If the result is not with me by the time allocated then the team will find themselves with a fine by 6.30pm.

Regarding putting the frame scores onto the website I really need them to be put on no later than Sunday afternoon so that I can put a report into the local paper which has a deadline to contend with.

Again if this is not done a further fine will be incurred which can become very costly just for not doing something properly.