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The next meeting will be on Monday 6th August 2012 when the Registration forms must be returned.

Any more new clubs wishing to enter can attend the meeting when their registration can be sorted.

The Pre Season Meeting will be on Monday 3rd September 2012 when all the information for the coming season will be given out.

The season itself will start on Wednesday/Thursday 12th/13th September 2012.


I have just been informed that the results cannot be put onto the web by using "Apple" products such as iPhone or iPad.

You can only use Windows based products.

Anyone with a problem with this just send me the match card by e-mail or any other form and I will put it onto the web myself.


The Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday 20th June 2012 at Tetley Walkers Club and the following teams failed to attend :- Culcheth Legion, Eagle Sports, G.T.B.L. "A", G.T.B.L. "B", Woolston "C".

All these teams are fined £50.00 and will be deemed to have resigned from the League as per Rule 3 (a).

The Chairman opened the meeting and thanked everybody for attending.

Because of apologies from the outgoing Fixture Secretary and the Treasurer there was no report from them.

The Competition Secretary thanked the clubs for last season with regard to results coming back and hoped that it will continue next season.

Because J.Robinson had resigned as Fixture Secretary E.Addison was asked to do the job again which was agreed by the meeting.

The other officers were re-elected.

The Rule changes were then discussed.

Rule 17 (b) as per the handbook was abolished and a new Rule 17 (b) was put in instead both after a vote.

New Rule 19 (i) was discussed at some length by the meeting but after a vote this was rejected and everything will carry on as normal.

The change of format for the Pairs Competition was discussed but again after a vote it was decided to continue with the existing format.

In Any Other Business the meeting was told that there had been an application from a team from Patricroft to join our League but because of the distances involved it wasn't feasible.

A seminar for people wishing to become a referee was mentioned and the members were asked to gauge interest in time for the next meeting.

B.Babington asked why a new team wasn't put in the highest division particularly if the new team is a strong one but again the meeting was told that teams could only be placed where there was a vacancy in  a division or complications could arise with a team not being promoted.

The Chairman closed the Meeting and reminded everybody that the next Meeting will be on Monday 6th August 2012 when the resgistration forms must be returned. 


The Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 20th June 2012 at Tetley Walkers Club at 7.30pm.

All teams wishing to play next season must attend this meeting or a fine of £50.00 will be incurred.







       J.Robinson will be resigning as Fixture Secretary and E.Addison has been asked to take his place unless there is an

       objection from the floor.

       The other officers will be applying for re-election.


       Rule 17b to be abolished  (No maximum start)  

       Proposed by I.Beaton

       Seconded by L.Gordon

       New Rule 17b

       Maximum handicap to be capped at 50

       Minimum handicap to be capped at -40

       Proposed by E.Addison       

       New Rule 19 (i)

        In competitions home drawn players who have to re-arrange their game will forfeit home advantage to their  


        Proposed by I.Beaton

        Seconded by L.Gordon


        Matches will be two single frames followed by one frame fourhanded, handicaps on the board,

        (league and divisional start), based on individual handicaps added together then divided by 2. Toss for break then


        Proposed by K.Melia






Please remember that the Presentation Evening is on this Saturday at Tetley Walkers Club.

All prize winners must attend or they will forfeit any monies coming to them as per Rule 18 (a)

Summer League

The League will start on Thursday 3rd May and will run for 18 weeks and finish on Thursday 30th August.

The format has been discussed and will be the same as last year.

The prize for the highest break has been donated by G.E.S.M. and the League would like to thank them for their generosity.


To enter results you must put in the number on your folder as your username followed by abc123 as the password. This will get you onto the site as normal. I aplogise for any misunderstanding but this is my first time running the Summer League and I got things the wrong way round.


Proposed Summer League Format

Competitions Update

Individual Handicap

There was a big shock in the Individual Handicap Quarter Finals with Warren McDougall beating Wayne Brown 2-0 with a 43 clearance in the second frame having been 39 behind.James Short continued his excellent form with a 2-0 win over Kenny Paget having a 66 break in the first frame followed by a 56 break in the second.Elsewhere Kevin Arnold beat Lee Gordon 2-0 to progess to the semi final and Terry Brown joined him in completing the semi final line up after overcoming Tommy Moran 2-1.

Player of the Year Positions

Division 1

Dave Newton (G.T.B.L. 'A') claimed the player of the year by winning his final match to take him to 21 wins while Warren McDougall (Irlam Cons) lost to remain on 20, where he was joined by Wayne Brown (Earlestown Cons).

Division 2

Dave Crosby  (Ryland’s 'A') finished top with 16 wins and 1 clear of Keith Owen (Monks ‘A’), Bob Heyburn (St. Josephs) and Gary Lunn (St. Benedicts)

Division 3

Defeat for Jimmy Walsh allowed Chris Lloyd (all of Ryland’s 'B') to pull level on 19 wins to finish joint top

Top Breaks

Division 1 finished with 181 breaks of 30, Paul Oliver’s 93 being the highest. Division 2 has seen 24 breaks over 30 with Danny Thomas run of 57 the highest. In Division 3 there were 34 breaks over 30 with Jamie Dobson’s 78 taking the top prize.

League Update

Division 1

Champions:                  Irlam Catholic

Runner-Up:                    Irlam Cons

3rd Place:                     Earlestown Cons

Relegation zone:           G.E.S.M. 'B', G.T.B.L. 'B', Bridgewater Club.

Division 2

Champions:                  Newton Social 'B'

Runner-Up:                    Monks 'A'

3rd Place:                     Alford 'D'

Relegation zone:           Kings Club 'A', St. Benedicts, Kings Club 'C'

Division 3

Champions:                  Rylands 'B'

Runner-Up:                    Alford 'B'

3rd Place:                     Deaf Social 'A'


**** Promotion/Relegation depends on number of entries for next season.

Next GMIL Matches

To be played on Monday 26th March, 8:00pm start.

Group 2

Warrington 'B'               v          N. Manchester   @ Swinton Cons

M/CR & District             v          Bolton 'B'          @ Earlestown CC

Group 3

Skipton 'A'                    v          Preston 'A'        @ Padiham SC

Eccles                          v          Warrington 'A'   @ Bolton SC

Group 4

Warrington 'C'               v          Burnley             *** Burnley have withdrawn so match given 7-0 to Warrington.

Urmston                        v          Bolton 'A'          @ Barrfield

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Fun and Fitness for your kids

Starting this week, your kids can have fun and get fit with Shawnee’s dance classes, take ballet or cheerleading

GMIL Results 26th February 2012

Group 2            Bolton ‘B’          5 v 2     Bury

Warrington        4 v 3     Mcr & Disrict


Group 3            Warrington ‘A’   5 v 2     Preston ‘A’

                        Skipton ‘A’        4 v 3     Eccles


Group 4            Bolton ‘A’          5 v 0     Burnley

Warrington ‘C’   2 v 5     Urmston


Group 2            P          W         L          Pts

Bolton ‘B’          2          2          0          10

Bury                 2          1          1          7

Warrington        2          1          1          6

Mcr & Dist        2          0          2          5


Group 3            P          W         L          Pts

Skipton ‘A’        2          2          0          9

Eccles              2          1          1          8

Warrington ‘A’   2          1          1          7

Preston ‘A’        2          0          2          4


Group 4            P          W         L          Pts

Urmston            2          2          0          12

‘Bolton ‘A’         2          2          0          10

Warrington ‘C’   2          0          2          4

Burnley             2          0          2          0