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Wednesday 14th August 2019

***Important Notice - Please read all information below***

2019/20 Warrington Winter League Information

Good evening all,

Following all entries received we have a total of 34 teams which will compete in the Warrington Snooker League 2019/20 season. With this being the case, the league will once again be split into three divisions  as follows;

Division 1 - 12 Teams

Number Team Day Tables
1 GESM A Thursday 2
2 Woolston A Thursday 2
3 Monks A Thursday 2
4 Penketh Cons B Thursday 2
5 Alford D Thursday 2
6 Eagle Sports Thursday 1
7 Irlam Catholic Thursday 2
8 Kings Club A Thursday 2
9 Walkers B (Formerly Rylands A) Thursday 2
10 Bridgewater B Thursday 2
11 The Grange (Formerly Richmonds A) Thursday 1
12 Culcheth Sports Thursday 2

Division 2 - 11 Teams (1 Bye)

Number Team Day Tables
1 Cadishead Cons Thursday 2
2 GESM C Wednesday 2
3 Walkers A Thursday 2
4 Bridgewater A Thursday 2
5 Alford A (Formerly Richmonds B) Wednesday 2
6 Deaf Social A Thursday 2
7 GESM B Thursday 2
8 GTBL Thursday 2
9 Kings Club C Wednesday 2
10 Warrington Cons A Wednesday 1
11 Bye Thursday 2
12 Deaf Social B Thursday 2

Division 3 - 11 Teams (1 Bye)

Number Team Day Tables
1 St Benedicts A Thursday 1
2 Kings Club B Thursday 2
3 Kings Club D Wednesday 2
4 Warrington Cons B Wednesday 1
5 Bye Thursday 2
6 Mad Hatter A Thursday 2
7 St Benedicts B (New Team) Thursday 1
8 Woolston B Thursday 2
9 Woolston C Wednesday 2
10 Penketh Cons A (Formerly St Jospeh's) Thursday 2
11 Alford B Thursday 2
12 Mad Hatter B (New Team) Thursday 2


The first regular league games will commence on Thursday 19th September 2019 and full fixtures will be released in due course to all teams. Full league scheduled including competition dates and meetings will also be released shortly.

Team Handicap & Team Championship Pre-Lim Rounds

As we have 34 entries into the league we require 2 pre-lim matches (total of 4 teams for each competition) in both the Team Handicap and Team Championship competitions. These matches will take place prior on the two Thursdays prior to the regular league season as follows;

Thursday 5th September 2019 - Team Handicap Pre-Lim
Thursday 12th September 2019 - Team Championship Pre-Lim

Confirmation of the Pre-Lim Draws for the two competitions above will be announced very shortly.

Pre-Season Meeting to hand out Booklets

A date will also be confirmed for the final pre-season meeting once we have clarification on when the booklets for the season have been finalised and printed and captains will be informed in due course.

Should anyone have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact either Pat, Kenny or Graham.

Many thanks
The committee


League Registration 2019/20 - 29/07/2019

Good evening all,

The following are all the entries that I have received for the 2019/20 season;

Existing Teams - Re-Submitted

  1. GESM 'A'
  2. Woolston 'A'
  3. The Grange (Formerly Richmonds 'A')
  4. Penketh Cons 'B'
  5. Eagle Sports
  6. Alford 'D'
  7. Walkers 'B' (Formerly Rylands 'A')
  8. Bridgewater 'B'
  9. Irlam Catholic
  10. Deaf Social 'A'
  11. Culcheth Sports
  12. Kings Club 'A'
  13. Monks 'A'
  14. Bridgewater 'A'
  15. Alford 'A' (Formerly Richmonds 'B')
  16. Kings Club 'C'
  17. GESM 'C'
  18. GESM 'B'
  19. St Benedicts 'A'
  20. Cadishead Cons
  21. GTBL
  22. Deaf Social 'B'
  23. Warrington Cons 'B'
  24. Kings Club 'D'
  25. Woolston 'B'
  26. Alford 'B'
  27. Kings Club 'B'
  28. Penketh Cons 'A' (Formerly St Josephs)
  29. Mad Hatter
  30. Woolston 'C'

    New Teams Submitted

  31. Mad Hatter 'B'
  32. St Benedicts 'B'
  33. Warrington Cons 'C'

    Existing Teams (Awaiting Confirmation)

  34. Walkers 'A'
  35. Warrington Cons 'A'

Once I get confirmation from Walkers 'A' and Warrington Cons 'A' I will be in a postion to put a league structure together. I hope to get this in the next 24 hours.

Many thanks

Pat Wisedale


***Annual General Meeting Reminder*** 

Date: Wednesaday 19th June 2019
Venue: Walkers Club
Time: 19:30 prompt

Dear all,

A reminder that this years AGM will take place this Wednesday (19th June) at Walkers Club starting at 19:30 prompt. All teams wishing to particiapte in 2019/20 must have at least one representative at the meeting (team captain or team representative). Any team not attending without prior notice will be deemed to have resigned from the League.

Proposals for rule changes which have been submitted to the committe will be voted on at the meeting so it is important that as many representatives are available to attend the meeting.

The presentation for the 2018/19 season will also take place during the event. Any player/team failing to attend receive their prize without notifying the league officials will forfeit any prize money or trophy due to him/them. 

We look forward to seeing as many attendees as possible on the evening.

League Committee


Friday 10th May 2019

Division 2 and 3 Player of the Year Play off (Round Robin)

The play off required for both the division 2 & 3 player of the year took place last night at GESM and it was double delight for the two Kings Club players involved.

Division 2
Anton Evans (Kings Club 'A') successfully defeated both Jon Dastey (Culcheth Sports) and Geoff Myatt (Bridgewater 'A') in both of his frames to take the title of Division 2 Player of the Year. Not playing at his flowing best, Anton managed to do enough when it mattered in each frame to get over the line and complete an excellent season on an individual note.

Commiserations to both Jon & Geoff whose evening was short lived with Anton winning the opening two frames; however both should be very proud of their seasons. Any player who after 20 games of a season finishes tied for most wins deserves great credit and both players will be looking to continue their form from the start of next season.

On a side note, as a league we will look to change the schedule of the frames if this scenario happens again where three players are tied, meaning the loser of the first frame stays on to allow all three frames to be taken into account before deciding the winner.

Frame Scores
Jon Dastey (8) (Culcheth Sports) 34-68 Anton Evans (1) (Kings Club 'A')
Anton Evans (1) (Kings Club 'A') 81-55 Geoff Myatt (47) (Bridgewater 'B')
Geoff Myatt (47) (Bridgewater 'B') v Jon Dastey (1) (Culcheth Sports) (Match not required)

Division 3
The division 3 playoff was a tighter affair with each player winning one frame on the evening meaning that the aggregate scores came into effect and it was Mike Withers (Kings Club ‘D’) who took the honours.

The first frame saw John Small (Warrington Cons 'B') take on Keith Veldhoven (Cadishead Cons) and it was Keith who took the frame by 15 points thanks to a couple of nice 20 breaks mid frame.

Knowing a win would secure him the division 3 player of the year Keith then went up against Mike Withers (Kings Club 'D'). A slightly controversial moment in the opening stages put Keith on the back foot and he never recovered but take nothing away from Mike who put together some excellent one frame snooker, claiming the frame by 43 points.

The result put Keith out of the running as his aggregate score for the two frames was -28 points meaning it was impossible for him to overturn the deficit. John and Mike then played out the final frame of the evening knowing that from the aggregate score of the first frame John would need to win the frame by at least 29 points. Whilst he took pride in winning the frame, he couldn’t quite pull the aggregate back requiring four snookers on the colours which meant that Mike took the title of Division 3 player of the year.

Congratulations to Mike who played some very good match snooker on the evening to cap off a brilliant season. Hard luck to Keith and John who just fell short on the evening, but should hold their heads high to have played great snooker all season to end up in the play off.

Frame Scores
John Small (33) (Warrington Cons 'B') 63-78 Keith Veldhoven (5) (Cadishead Cons)
Keith Veldhoven (5) (Cadishead Cons) 47-90 Mike Withers (25) (Kings Club 'D')
Mike Withers (25) (Kings Club 'D') 69-80 John Small (33) (Warrington Cons 'B')

Many thanks
Pat Wisedale


Individual Handicap Final Result - 15/04/2019

Gordon Ure (Monks 'A') 3-2 Chris Taylor (Alford 'B')

The last competition match of the 2018/19 Warrington Snooker League took place on Monday evening which saw Gordon Ure (Monks 'A') taking on Chris Taylor (Alford 'B') in the final of the Individual Handicap.

With Chris winning 5 of his last 7 league matches and Gordon winning his final 6 league games on the bounce (9 from 11 since the Christmas break), both players went into the final high on confidence as it got underway.

Chris (19 handicap), giving 9 start to Gordon (28 Handicap) each frame was quickest out of the blocks at the start of the first frame to wipe out Gordon's lead and move ahead on the scoreboard with some excellent potting in the early stages. A scrappy second half of the frame meant neither player really found any rhythm moving onto the colours and Chris managed to hold onto his lead a go 1-0 ahead in the final. 

Gordon settled as the second frame began and responded in excellent fashion taking the frame comfortably to level the match at 1-1. He carried that form on in frame 3 with some excellent safety play, limiting Chris to any decent scoring chances and keeping himself ahead on the scoreboard. Approaching the colours Chris had managed to cut the deficit to just 10 points but it was Gordon managed to get over the line to take frame 3 to lead the final for the first time by 2 frames to 1.

Knowing he needed to win the 4th frame to keep any hopes alive Chris started well and managed to move just ahead as the frame hit the half way point. You certainly can’t fault his long potting at times as some of the balls he potted to get himself level in the match were excellent under the pressure. A break of 21 on the last few remaining reds was crucial and after depositing the green Gordon conceded and we were down to a deciding frame.

The final frame began with relatively low scoring with both struggling to capitalise on any mistakes by their opponent. As the frame progressed, Gordon managed to get the better of the majority of the exchanges, using his steady cue action to maintain the lead throughout the frame leaving himself a 22 lead going onto the colours where the drama unfolded.

Potting both the yellow and green, Gordon went 27 ahead with just the brown to black remaining, meaning Chris required two snookers. He was handed one of these when Gordon put the cueball into the middle bag after attempting a long brown leaving 23 points in the score with just 22 remaining on the table.

This brought Chris back to the table deciding the take the brown and blue which were close to both the bulk corner pockets. Many of the audience, referee included, thought he had taken these as they were fairly routine pots lining himself up to play a snooker on the pink however, he then potted the pink which under any normal circumstances would have been a fabulous length of the table pot, but this cost him the match as he had miscalculated the score leaving him 8 points behind with only the black on the table.

You have to feel for Chris as it was an awful way to lose any match never mind a final but he should hold his head high and be proud of his performance. Only two players from the entire league can get the individual handicap final and he was one of them so congratulations on a great run this year.

Congratulations though to Gordon who thanks for some excellent matchplay snooker secured the title of Individual Handicap Champion for 2018/19.

Many thanks
Pat Wisedale


Pairs Handicap Final Result - 11/04/2019

Phil Bate Team (Woolston 'A') 2-0 Gary Lunn Team (Woolston 'A')

The pairs handicap final this year was an all Woolston 'A' affair between Phil Bate's Team (Phil Bate & Mark Wilkinson) and Gary Lunn's Team (Gary Lunn & Shaun Foy) and it was Phil & Mark who take the title of pairs champions in the Warrington Snooker League for the 2018/19 season.

It caps off what has been an impressive year for both Phil & Mark who finished joint runner up in the first division player of the year standings (14 wins each), helping their team to 2nd place in the league as well as winning the team handicap title for the third season in a row.

Commiserations to Gary and Shaun, who are this seasons runners up in the pairs competition. They should both be proud of the season they have had as well though with both players contributing to Woolston 'A' achievements noted above. On a personal notes, Shaun has been struggling with an injury for the past few weeks which wouldn't have helped their cause and as for Gary, he will be slightly disappointed being on the wrong end of results in two finals this week following his involvement in the Individual Merit Final on Monday, but he has still achieved more than the majority of players in the league this season and both should be congratulated on their efforts.

Congratulations to Phil Bate & Mark Wilkinson the 2018/19 Pairs Handicap Champions.

(Should anyone in attendance wish to put together a short match report then please feel free to send it across and I will publish on the website as I was unable to attend last night). 

Many thanks
Pat Wisedale


Team Championship Final Result - 09/04/2019

Richmonds 'A' beat Kings Club 'C'

Congratulations to Richmonds 'A' who have taken the title of 2018/19 team championship winners thanks to an impressive all round team performance over Kings Club 'C'.

After narrowly missing out on the first division title last week, the lads from Richmonds put that disappointment to the back of their minds showing not just excellent character but some excellent standard of match play snooker from start to finish which kept Kings Club 'C' at arm’s reach for the majority of the contest.

Whilst it is never a great feeling to lose in a final, Kings Club 'C' should be proud of their efforts in reaching arguably the toughest team competition that the league runs with all matches being off scratch. They will hope that they can use this cup run as a platform to a promotion push next season from the second division.

Well done to Richmonds 'A' who are the 2018/19 Team Championship Winners.

Many thanks
Pat Wisedale


Individual Merit Final Result - 08/04/2019

Brian Hall (Richmonds 'A') 3-1 Gary Lunn (Woolston 'A')

The first of the two individual competitions that the Warrington Snooker League run was concluded on Monday evening with the Individual Merit Final which on paper, had all the ingredients of being a high quality final and it did not disappoint.

Arguably, two of the most natural talents within the league stood toe to toe with both players suprsingly looking to take the merit title for the first time. Firstly, Brian Hall (Richmonds 'A'), whose all round game is as good as any player in the league was up against one of the leagues fastest break builders on his day in Gary Lunn (Woolston 'A').

It was Brian though who was successful on the evening taking the match 3-1 in what was noted as an excellent final by those in attendance. Congratulations to Brian who started what could be a great couple of evenings for him personally with being in the team championship final the following night with his teammates from Richmonds 'A'. 

Commiserations to Gary who couldn't quite get over the final hurdle to take his maiden merit title but you can't discount the season he has had in the competitions, winning team handicap alongisde his fellow players from Woolston 'A' and a final still to come later this week in the pairs handicap.

The league would also like to thank professional World Snooker Referee Rob Spencer who came to GESM to referee the final. Those in attendance noted that this was an excellent touch and something the league will consider again should the opportunity arise.

Congratualtions to Brian who will be looking forward to defending his title next season for the first time.

(Should anyone in attendance wish to put together a short match report then please feel free to send it across and I will publish on the website as I was unable to attend last night).

Many thanks
Pat Wisedale


Team Handicap Final Result - 02/04/2019

Woolston 'A' beat Richmonds 'B'

Congratulations to Woolston 'A' who have succesfully defended the Team Handicap trophy, taking the prize for an impressive third year on the trot. They were pushed all the way in a close encounter by Richmonds 'B' with the match still in the balance until the final frame.

It is an excellent start to what could be an memorable week for the lads from Woolston, who still have a chance of capturing the first divsion title this thursday should reuslts go their way in the last round of the league season, meaning the league and team handicap double is still on.

Commiserations to Richmonds 'B', who after a derby semi final victory over their 'A' team would have been confident in going one step further. Unfortunately it wasn't to be but they can still make the season one to remember as they are one of 5 teams who have the opportunity of getting promoted from the second division in the final game of the season later this week.

(Should anyone in attendance wish to put together a short match report then please feel free to send it across and I wil publish on the website as I was unable to attend last night). 

Many thanks
Pat Wisedale

Wednesday 27th March 2019


Minutes from Monday 25th March
I am currently having difficulty loading new documents to the website. I will try and upload the minutes including handicap changes, transfers and late registrations as soon as possible.

Please refer to each teams stats for current handicaps and can all captains/team representatives ensure they use the re-calculated handicaps with immediate effect.

Outstanding Monies
Please can all captains/team representatives ensure that all outstanding monies are paid as soon as possible. All competiton, league registration and match fees should now have been paid for the season. We will be posting all outstanding monies that are still owed shortly should these not be paid. If you wish to pay by bank transfer then please contact a league comittee member.

Outstanding Trophies
Should any players/teams have any trophies which are still outstanding from last year please ensure these are passed to the committee as soon as possible. These should have all been returned by now. Again any outstanding will be published if they are not with us shortly.
Summer League 2019
Should any clubs be interested in entering into the proposed summer league please can you notify Pat Wisedale by text or email no later than the meeting on Monday 29th April. We are hoping to run a summer league this year which Phil Bate has offered to help run. Dependant on the interest this will either be 1 or 2 leagues with a play off at the end of the season if there is available time.
AGM Proposals
Should anyone wish to put forward a proposal to be discussed at the AGM please note these must be in writing to the committee no later than Friday 31st May. All proposals must be seconded and a reminder that the AGM this year takes place on Wednesday 19 th June starting 19:30 prompt at Walkers Club. All captains or team representatives wishing to take part in the 2019/20 must attend the AGM.

Remaining League & Competition Matches
Please see additonal posts below with regards remaining league and competiton matches for the 2018/19 season.

Many thanks

Pat Wisedale


Three Man Team Final Result - 19/03/2019

Wayne Aspinall Team (Eagle Sports) beat Mike Withers Team (Kings Club 'D')

The first trophy of the season was claimed last night and its congratulations to Wayne Aspinall, Renzo Mafredi and Louis Davies Hampson who take home the three man team title for the 2018/19.

Commiserations to Mike Withers, Alf Clarke and Martin Magee who are this years runners up however they should hold their heads high as to make any final is a fantastic achievement.

The final couldn't have been any closer for an aggreagte points match with a re-spotted black required as points were level after the three frames had been played. It was Wayne Aspinall though who found the magic touch with a double on the black to take the victory for his team.

Congratulations to the lads from Eagle Sports on winning what sounded a tense and exciting final. Lets hope the rest of the competition finals held in early April follow suit.

(Should anyone in attendance wish to put together a short match report then please feel free to send it across and I wil publish on the website as I was unable to attend last night). 

Many thanks
Pat Wisedale

Monday 25th February 2019

Steve Lawrenson - Deaf Social 'A'

The league regrets to announce the death of Steve Lawrenson (Deaf Social 'A') who unfortunately passed away this morning.

Steve has been a regular player within the league for a number of years and will be missed by his fellow team mates and friends within the league.

Our thoughts are with his family and close friends at this time.


Friday 15th March (Updated)

2018/19 Highest Breaks so far

Danny Thomas (GESM 'A') - 68

Division 1
Graham Wells (Bridgewater 'B') - 74

Division 2
Paul Dean (Culcheth Sports) - 66

Division 3
Keith Veldhoven (Cadishead Cons) - 54


Monday 31st December 2018

A mid-season review for each divison is now on the documents tab if you would like some New Year reading. I hope you all have a wonderful evening doing whatever you are and all the best for 2019.

Pat Wisedale


Friday 14th September 2018

Pleased to say all league books were collected at the short meeting on Wednesday night. Thank you to all team representatives for coming to get those.

Once again any issues/discrepancies with your books, fixtures, players, handicaps or any other information then please can you let us know as soon as possible or at the next meeting which is on Monday 24th September.

Furthermore, the competition sheets which were also in your folders, are due back at the meeting on Monday 29th October.

On behalf of Kenny, Graham and myself we wish all the teams the best for the 2018/19 Warrington Snooker League Season.

NOTE: In accordance with Rule 6 within the Governing of the League section of the league booklet, All teams are required to have a representative at each monhtly meeting starting on Monday 24th September. Any team not represented at a monthly meeting will be fined, the first non attendance at a monthly meeting the team will be fined £5.00. A second (consecutive) non attendance at a monhtly meeting will result in the team being fined an additional £5.00 and 2 LEAGUE POINTS deducted. 

Pat Wisedale