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Season 2018/2019

Monday 18th February 2019 (Updated)

Outstanding Matches from 2018/19 League Season

Division 1

Week 15 – 24/01/2019
Deaf Social 'A' v Rylands  (Re-scheduled date Thursday 28th March

Division 2

Week 15 – 13/12/2018
Bridgewater ‘A’ v Richmonds ‘B’ (Re-scheduled date Thursday 28th March 2019)

Division 3

Week 16 – 07/02/2019
St Jospehs v Woolston 'B'  (Re-scheduled date Thursday 28th March 2019)

With regards any of the above postponed fixtures, please can you let me know when these matches have been played and send through complete match cards so i can update the website. Futhermore any matches which have not yet had their rearranged date confirmed please can you notify me ASAP once this has been agreed.

Many thanks,

Pat Wisedale


Wednesday 13th February 2019

Just a note to clear any confusion which may have arisen during recent matches.

Danny Thomas (GESM ‘A’)
Geoff Tsang (Kings Club ‘C’)

These two players re-joined the Warrington Snooker League this season after a couple of years away from our league, They were put on the League Website as new players (for their handicap purposes only). This gave the committee chance to change their handicap if need be.

They have played in the Warrington Snooker League before so as such not new players, therefore the number of games that each player would have needed to play by the Quarter final stage, would be 4.

Both team captains contacted me prior to the matches were played. I hope this clears up any doubts in people’s minds, and please contact me if not.

Thank you

Kenny Paget

(Competitions Sec)


Tuesday 29th January 2019


Competiton Matches

The following draws have been added to the website under each respected tab which are due to be played on the following dates. The reason for some of the blanks within the draws is due to outstanding results in previous rounds. Once results have been received these will be updated.

Monday 4th February 2019
Individual Handicap Last 16 - (Best of 3 Frames)
Tuesday 5th February 2019
Team Handicap Quarter Finals (Aggregate Points)
Monday 11th February 2019
Individual Merit Quarter Finals (Best of 3 Frames)
Tuesday 12th February 2019
Team Championship Quarter Finals (Aggregate Points)
Monday 18th February 2019
Pairs Handicap Quarter Finals (Best of 3 Frames)
Tuesday 19th February 2019
Three Man Team Semi Finals (Aggregate Points)
M Withers (Kings Club 'D') v P Duffy (Alford 'D') - To be played at GESM
W Aspinall (Eagle Sports) v L Chambers (GESM 'A') - To be played at Kings Club

(Please note New Players must have played 6 league games, existing players 4 league games, to be eligible to play in any competition from the quarter-finals onward, unless approved by the League Council.)

A reminder that all Team competition matches are now alternative picks (One for One) instead of two picks per team. Toss to decide who nomiates first to still take place and alternative breaks.

All competition results to be text through to Kenny. Should you have any issues with competiton matches please let us and your opponents know ASAP.  You should provide your opponents at least 48 hours notice should you need to rearrange any matches and also ensure that Kenny has been notified if any matches have been rearranged before the original date.

Handicap Changes and League Information
As per my post last week I was unable to make the meeting this Monday just gone (28th January). Please can all captains/team representatives read the 'Updated Handicaps and Information from Monday 28th January
 thoroughly and relay all relevant information onto fellow players. Please note updated handicaps and late registrations have also been added.

Link -

Changes to the 2018/19 League Calendar
As per the meeting on Monday 26th November a re-scheduled calender was handed out with corrected dates for compeition matches and meetings. Please enusre that the new dates have been recorded. The events tab on the website has been updated to show these changes. 

Rylands Home Fixtures (Venue Change)
With immediatte effect all of Rylands A home games will now be played at Walkers.

Many thanks

Pat Wisedale


Wednesday 13th February 2019

2018/19 Highest Breaks so far

Danny Thomas (GESM 'A') - 68

Division 1
Scott Horobin (Woolston 'A') - 70

Division 2
Paul Dean (Culcheth Sports) - 66

Division 3
John Small (Warrington Cons 'B') - 40


Monday 31st December 2018

A mid-season review for each divison is now on the documents tab if you would like some New Year reading. I hope you all have a wonderful evening doing whatever you are and all the best for 2019.

Pat Wisedale


Friday 14th September 2018

Pleased to say all league books were collected at the short meeting on Wednesday night. Thank you to all team representatives for coming to get those.

Once again any issues/discrepancies with your books, fixtures, players, handicaps or any other information then please can you let us know as soon as possible or at the next meeting which is on Monday 24th September.

Furthermore, the competition sheets which were also in your folders, are due back at the meeting on Monday 29th October.

On behalf of Kenny, Graham and myself we wish all the teams the best for the 2018/19 Warrington Snooker League Season.

NOTE: In accordance with Rule 6 within the Governing of the League section of the league booklet, All teams are required to have a representative at each monhtly meeting starting on Monday 24th September. Any team not represented at a monthly meeting will be fined, the first non attendance at a monthly meeting the team will be fined £5.00. A second (consecutive) non attendance at a monhtly meeting will result in the team being fined an additional £5.00 and 2 LEAGUE POINTS deducted. 

Pat Wisedale