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Season 2017/2018


The following Draws have now been uploaded onto the Website. Please click on the relevant competition links on the left.

Monday 5th March 2018 - Individual Handicap Last 16
Tuesday 6th March 2018 - Team Handicap Semi Final*
Monday 12th March 2018 - Individual Merit Quarter Final
Tuesday 13th March 2018 - Team Championship Semi Final*
Monday 19th March 2018 - Pairs Handicap Quarter Final
Tuesday 20th March 2018 - Three Man Team Quarter Final

Team Handicap Semi Final Dates and Venues

Tuesday 6th March 2018
Kings Club (B) v Deaf Social (B) - To be played at Richmonds

Tuesday 13th March 2018
Deaf Social (A) v Woolston (A) - To be played at GESM

Team Championship Semi Final Dates and Venues

Wedneasday 7th March 2018
GESM (A) v GESM (C) - To be played at GESM

Tuesday 27th March 2018
Richmonds (A) v Cadishead Cons (A) - To be played at GESM

The following are matches from previous rounds which have not been played so there may be blanks in the draw. From the meeting last night the following matches are still to be played in each competition;

Three Man Team Round 3 (Last 16)

B Hall (Richmonds A) v K Veldhoven (Cadishead Cons A) - Winner to play away to D Roberts (Kings Club C)

If any of the above have been played please let me know and I will update accordingly.

Best of luck to all and thanks,

Pat Wisedale



Division Team Surname Forename New Handicap
Division 1  Monks A Miller, Steve 27
Division 2  Deaf Social A Young, Gareth 28
Division 2  G.T.B.L. Cain, Chaz 38
Division 2  Warrington Cons A Acton, Mark 18
Division 2  Warrington Cons A Barrow, Mark 34
Division 2  Warrington Cons A Yates, Tony 22
Division 2  Warrington Cons B Beddall, M. 36
Division 2  Warrington Cons B McNamee Snr, D. 38
Division 3  Cadishead Cons B Bailey, Steven 22
Division 3  Kings Club A Dolly, Stephen 16
Division 3  Kings Club C Ashley, Ray 32
Division 3  Roosters D Tomkinson, Mike 34
Division 3  Rylands B Daniels, Stuart 36
Division 3  Rylands B Greenwood, Chris 34
Division 3  Rylands B Hands, Kevin 34
Division 3  Rylands B Harris, Mark 34
Division 3  Rylands B Keeton, Simon -36


Some but not all will know I have the desire to open my own Snooker and Pool Hall in the North West preferably in or around Warrington. I have been working on this for a couple of years now and this is very close to becoming a reality. In the coming weeks to months this is going consume a heck of a lot of my time and I'll have very little free time outside of my day job now and moving forward. Sadly it is for this reason I am recluctanly going to have to stand down as the WSL... Chairman and leave the committee.

WSL is in a good place, with more teams now than when I came on board. All the hard work for the 2017/18 league is completed and the season should now run with relative ease so I think now is the right time to stand down, leaving Kenny plenty of time to replace me without any real impact. Especially now he's back fully fit! :0)

As some of you will know the role was dropped on me with little notice and in all honesty isn't something I'd of done in other circumstances. That being said I've thoroughly enjoyed my involvement over the last few years and made many new friends.

I hope I've helped you out in my short stint at the helm and my company Tiger Cues will continue to support the league with £200 sponsorship each year.

Good luck everyone this season!!

See you all around!

Cheers D.


Afternoon guys, unfortunately I have to announce that Roosters D in the 3 division has 100% folded. Kenny has had it confirmed. All results so far will be wiped and their place in the league will be replaced with a bye.
Sorry peeps!
Regards D.


Just to confirm, the next monthly meeting is October the 30th as printed in books and on the website people, Kenny said he didn't need an earlier meeting and comps sheets should be handed in then and he'll be able to sort straight after that meeting.

Regards D.

Morning Everyone, this evening meetings (25/09/2017) is cancelled. There's no real need for it and we need another in a couple of week to receive your comp entries so a little duplication really. I'll text all captains on the contact details provided so all are aware. Please also be aware of the following.

Team Handicap Prelims are as follows:
To Be Played: Tuesday 3rd October
St Josephs V GTBL...
Richmonds A V Walkers A
Woolston C V Warrington Cons B
Monks A V Cadishead Cons B

Team Championship Prelims are as follows:
To Be Played: Tuesday 10th October
Woolston A V Penketh Cons A
GESM C V Bridgewater B
Irlam Catholic V Culcheth Sports
Kings Club C V St Bens

Following matches results must be rung through to Kenny on 07896 184279

Regards D.

FROM Kenny, Graham and I,