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Season 2018/2019
1G.E.S.M. A191306684681
1Kings Club A191207664878
1Cadishead Cons191603654981
2Culcheth Sports191306645077
2Richmonds A181206674179
2Kings Club D201109635774
3Monks A191306635176
3Woolston A191405654979
3Deaf Social B191108615372
4Bridgewater A181107634574
4Eagle Sports181107565267
5Warrington Cons B191009615371
5Richmonds B18909594968
5Penketh Cons B181107565267
6Alford D199010575766
6Alford B191009595569
6Warrington Cons A191207565868
7Irlam Catholic208012566464
7Kings Club C199010546063
7Woolston B18909575166
8Kings Club B198011546062
8G.E.S.M. C191108506461
8Walkers A197012526259
9St Josephs188010535561
9Penketh Cons A196013546060
9Rylands A188010476155
10G.E.S.M. B194015496553
10Mad Hatter196013456951
10Bridgewater B186012486054
11Woolston C195014447049
11Deaf Social A183015406843
11St Benedicts204016467450

Friday 22nd March 2019

Agenda and requirements for meeting on Monday 25th March 2019

Should any teams still owe or be in possession of the following please can they ensure that these are brought with them to the meeting on Monday

  • Any outstanding trophies from last season
  • All outstanding registration and competition monies
  • All outstanding match fees for the season

The following will be handed out at the meeting

  • Remaining competition dates and venues

The following will be discussed at the meeting

  • AGM Proposals (all AGM proposals need to be in writing to the committee by Friday 31st May). A reminder is that the AGM is to be held at 19:30 on Wednesday 19th June at  Walkers
  • Summer Snooker
  • Meeting on 29th April

It is important that at least one team representative attends the meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.

Many thanks


Three Man Team Final Result - 19/03/2019

Wayne Aspinall (Eagle Sports) beat Mike Withers (Kings Club 'D')

The first trophy of the season was claimed last night and its congratulations to Wayne Aspinall, Renzo Mafredi and Louis Davies Hampson who take home the three man team title for the 2018/19.

Commiserations to Mike Withers, Alf Clarke and Martin Magee who are this years runners up however they should hold their heads high as to make any final is a fantastic achievement.

The final couldn't have been any closer for an aggreagte points match with a re-spotted black required as points were level after the three frames had been played. It was Wayne Aspinall though who found the magic touch with a double on the black to take the victory for his team.

Congratulations to the lads from Eagle Sports on winning what sounded a tense and exciting final. Lets hope the rest of the competition finals held in early April follow suit.

(Should anyone in attendance wish to put together a short match report then please feel free to send it across and I wil publish on the website as I was unable to attend last night). 

Many thanks
Pat Wisedale

Tuesday 25th February 2019


Minutes from Monday 26th February
I am currently having difficulty loading new documents to the website. I will try and upload the minutes including handicap changes, transfers and late registrations as soon as possible. For now please refer to each teams stats for current handicaps and can all captains/team representatives ensure they use the re-calculated handicaps with immediate effect.

Competiton Matches

The following draws have been added to the website under each respected tab which are due to be played on the following dates. 

Monday 4th March 2019
Individual Handicap Quarter Finals - (Best of 3 Frames)
Tuesday 5th March 2019
Team Handicap Semi Finals (Aggregate Points)
Richmonds 'B' v Richmonds 'A' - To be played at Kings Club
Woolston 'A' v Rylands - To be played at GESM

Monday 11th March 2019
Individual Merit Semi Finals (Best of 3 Frames)
Gary Lunn (Woolston 'A') v James Frith (GESM 'C') - To be played at Kings Club
Brian Hall (Richmonds 'A') v Paul Dean (Culcheth Sports) - To be played at GESM
Tuesday 12th March 2019
Team Championship Semi Finals (Aggregate Points)
GESM 'A' v Richmonds 'A' - To be played at Kings Club
Kings Club 'C' v Rylands - To be played at GESM
Monday 18th March 2019
Pairs Handicap Semi Finals (Best of 3 Frames)
Gary Lunn (Woolston 'A') v Mike Delaney (Monks) - To be played at Kings Club
Keith Veldhoven (Cadishead Cons) v Phil Bate (Woolston 'A') - To be played at GESM
Tuesday 19th March 2019
Three Man Team Final (Aggregate Points)
Mike Withers (Kings Club 'D') v Wayne Aspinall (Eagle Sports) - To be played at GESM

(Please note New Players must have played 6 league games, existing players 4 league games, to be eligible to play in any competition from the quarter-finals onward, unless approved by the League Council.)

A reminder that all Team competition matches are now alternative picks (One for One) instead of two picks per team. Toss to decide who nomiates first to still take place and alternative breaks.

All competition results to be text through to Kenny. Should you have any issues with competiton matches please let us and your opponents know ASAP.  You should provide your opponents at least 48 hours notice should you need to rearrange any matches and also ensure that Kenny has been notified if any matches have been rearranged before the original date.

Changes to the 2018/19 League Calendar
As per the meeting on Monday 26th November a re-scheduled calender was handed out with corrected dates for compeition matches and meetings. Please enusre that the new dates have been recorded. The events tab on the website has been updated to show these changes. 

Rylands Home Fixtures (Venue Change)
With immediatte effect all of Rylands A home games will now be played at Walkers.

Many thanks

Pat Wisedale


Monday 25th February 2019

Steve Lawrenson - Deaf Social 'A'

The league regrets to announce the death of Steve Lawrenson (Deaf Social 'A') who unfortunately passed away this morning.

Steve has been a regular player within the league for a number of years and will be missed by his fellow team mates and friends within the league.

Our thoughts are with his family and close friends at this time.


Tuesday 19th March (Updated)

Outstanding Matches from 2018/19 League Season

Division 1

Week 15 – 24/01/2019
Deaf Social 'A' v Rylands (Re-scheduled date Thursday 28th March 2019)

Week 18 - 28/02/2019
Penketh Cons 'B' v Richmonds 'A' (Re-scheduled date Thursday 28th March 2019)

Week 21 - 21/03/2019
Bridgewater 'B' v Eagle Sports (Re-scheduled date Thursday 28th March 2019 - Match to be played at Eagle Sports)

Division 2

Week 15 – 13/12/2018
Bridgewater ‘A’ v Richmonds ‘B’ (Re-scheduled date Thursday 28th March 2019)

Division 3

Week 16 – 07/02/2019
St Jospehs v Woolston 'B' (Re-scheduled date Thursday 28th March 2019)

With regards any of the above postponed fixtures, please can you let me know when these matches have been played and send through complete match cards so i can update the website. Futhermore any matches which have not yet had their rearranged date confirmed please can you notify me ASAP once this has been agreed.

Many thanks,

Pat Wisedale


Friday 15th March (Updated)

2018/19 Highest Breaks so far

Danny Thomas (GESM 'A') - 68

Division 1
Graham Wells (Bridgewater 'B') - 74

Division 2
Paul Dean (Culcheth Sports) - 66

Division 3
Keith Veldhoven (Cadishead Cons) - 54


Monday 31st December 2018

A mid-season review for each divison is now on the documents tab if you would like some New Year reading. I hope you all have a wonderful evening doing whatever you are and all the best for 2019.

Pat Wisedale


Friday 14th September 2018

Pleased to say all league books were collected at the short meeting on Wednesday night. Thank you to all team representatives for coming to get those.

Once again any issues/discrepancies with your books, fixtures, players, handicaps or any other information then please can you let us know as soon as possible or at the next meeting which is on Monday 24th September.

Furthermore, the competition sheets which were also in your folders, are due back at the meeting on Monday 29th October.

On behalf of Kenny, Graham and myself we wish all the teams the best for the 2018/19 Warrington Snooker League Season.

NOTE: In accordance with Rule 6 within the Governing of the League section of the league booklet, All teams are required to have a representative at each monhtly meeting starting on Monday 24th September. Any team not represented at a monthly meeting will be fined, the first non attendance at a monthly meeting the team will be fined £5.00. A second (consecutive) non attendance at a monhtly meeting will result in the team being fined an additional £5.00 and 2 LEAGUE POINTS deducted. 

Pat Wisedale