Brown v Chester in Final

The final of the SLSL Individual Knockout will take place between Wayne Brown and Mike Chester at the Newton Conservative Club on Thursday 3rd August, 7pm start. The final will be best of 7 frames and will be refereed by Mr Tony Kelly.

Mike booked his place with a fighting 4-2 win over Scott Horobin. Scott took the first frame on pink helped by a solid 31 break and with both players missing few shots without making any significant breaks it was 2-2  at the break. Mike hit his best form with a 73 in the 5th which seemd to give him the impetus to take the next frame, but Scott fought back and looked to be clearing up from the last red before narrowly missing the pink which then seemd to be going into the opposite corener pocket before rolling of and leaving Mike with a straightforward pink and black to win.

A more comfortable win for Wayne, taking the first frame with several small breaks and then the secod with a 53 after Lee had opened with 31. Lee, who was struggling to find his usaul potting form pulled back to 2-1 on pink before Wayne finsihed off with breaks of 78 and 73 to take the next two frames.

If both players pla to their potential it will be an excellent Final.


Hatton Hundred

Chris Hatton hit the first hundred break of the league competition with an outstanding effort of exactly 100 in his first frame against Kings Club's Pat Wisedale. On for a clearance, Chris just missed doubling the final red. Inspired by this break he went on to hit 51 in the second frame. A delighted Chris commented that the scratch format on good tables provided the challenge to play better snooker.

A testing time for Pat who in his last 5 SLSL snooker matches has conceded breaks of 94, 105, 100 and 51. Philosophically Pat quipped, "I'll just have to play better".

A Summary of the playing format is below. See the League Rules document for a full set of rules. These rules are based on the rules for the Warrington Snooker League which are similiar to Earlestown and StHelens league so should be familiar and agreeable to everyone.

Please note that the miss-rule must be interpreted as per the guidelines published here.

Also, please note the Referees section in the league rules, as below:


• The Home Team will be responsible for supplying a person to Referee each of the matches. They may ask the opposing team to help if necessary. The nominated Referee for any match will also 'mark' the scoreboard.

• The referee is the only person to decide on fair or unfair play. A player may politely question a refereeing decision and the referee may consult with players and/or a suitably situated and unbiased observer.

• After any consultation the referee’s decision is always final and neither players nor observers should attempt to change the decision.

Key Points of Play

Start at 7:30 at home drawn club.

Tables to be brushed and ironed prior to start.

Play to the full rules of snooker as published by the WPBSA including the Miss Rule

If a player misses any red or nominated colour that can be seen full ball on 3 successive strikes, the player will forfeit the frame.

Home team nominates first.

Home player breaks first frame, away player second frame.

4 players play 2 consecutive frames against the same opponent.

1 point per frame, no aggregate score. No need to play until final black.

Home team to enter result using the 'Result' link on this web site. Login and password will be provided.


A full set of the League rules are here.

Miss Rule Guidelines

Click here for guidelines on the Miss Rule. As an extension to this rule I would suggest that we limit any 'miss' situation to just 3 misses. After that play continues as if a miss was not called.

'Amazing' Grace snatches victory in 9 frame thriller

World number 59 professional David Grace claimed victory in the inaugural challenge match with local top amateur Wayne Brown incredibly turning over a 1-4 deficit to win 5-4 in the best of 9 frame match. The match was played to a incredibly high standard with a string of high breaks from both players.

Wayne opened proceedings with a flawless total clearance of 135 and followed up with a couple of 30-odd breaks to take the second frame 88-19 and lead 2-0. In the 3rd frame Wayne opened with 50 and looking to take a 3-0 lead but David finally found his range with a 68 clearance up to black. Undeterred Wayne took the 4th frame with another fine clearance of 73  to lead 3-1 going into the break.

After the interval Wayne took the only scrappy frame of the evening 69-36 to go one frame from victory at 4-1. With an early finish looking on the cards David hit form in devastating fashion taking the 6th frame with a total clearance of 130 and remarkably followed up with another 130 total clearance to pull back to 4-3. In first again in the 8th frame David looked certain for 3rd successive century before just missing on 94.

There was no stopping David now as he again got in first in the final frame to register a break of 78 leaving Wayne to concede the match.

A wonderfully high quality match enjoyed by all present with both players registering in the 90%+ pot success rate.

A follow up challenge is being planned and details will be released soon – don’t miss it

The following players have entered the Individual Knockout.... 

No. Name Team
1 Kev Williams Alford Sports & Social
2 Mike Chester Alford Sports & Social
3 Tony Kelly Haydock Conservative Club
4 Pat Wisedale Kings Club
5 Tyler Whittaker Kings Club
6 Dean Latham Newton Conservative
7 Jeff Robinson Newton Conservative
8 Jordan Purnell Newton Conservative
9 Pat Doyle Newton Conservative
10 Paul Dean Newton Conservative
11 Ste Critchley Newton Conservative
12 Wayne Brown Newton Conservative
13 Gary Lunn Woolston Legion
14 Lee Kelly Woolston Legion
15 Phil Bate Woolston Legion
16 Scott Horobin Woolston Legion

The draw took place this morning by Jeff Robinson and Tony Kelly and has been video-recorded.

Here is the draw:

Match Home V Away
1 Horobin, Scott - Woolston Legion v Purnell, Jordan - Newton Conservative Club
2 Dean, Paul - Newton Conservative Club v Whittaker, Tyler - Kings Club
3 Kelly, Tony - Haydock Conservative Club v Bate, Phil - Woolston Legion
4 Chester, Mike - Alford Sports & Social v Robinson, Jeff - Newton Conservative Club
5 Latham, Dean - Newton Conservative Club v Lunn, Gary - Woolston Legion
6 Kelly, Lee - Woolston Legion v Critchley, Steve - Newton Conservative Club
7 Brown, Wayne - Newton Conservative Club v Williams, Kev - Alford Sports & Social
8 Doyle, Pat - Newton Conservative Club v Wisedale, Pat - Kings Club

This is a pass-through draw, so the winner of match 1 plays at home to the winner of match 2, etc... 

3 dates are set aside for these matches, Thursdays the 11th May, 1st June and 22nd June. Last 16 matches must be played at the latest by the 1st June and Quarter Final matches by the 22nd June. However, please arrange the matches at any date/time to suit yourselves and your club. Please be mindful that players have work and holiday commitments and be flexible in agreeing dates.

Last 16 and Quarter Final matches are best of 5 frames, full league rules apply.

Home player to arrange the match, if you don't have the contact number of your opponent, ask your team representative to get in touch with their team representative on the WhatsApp group to get a contact number.

The winner must text their result to 07711 994717 immediately after the match. Last 16 results will be posted here as they are received, so lookout for your next opponent.