1Golborne CMC A17845584458
2Newton Conservative 'B'17692564656
3Golborne CMC B17575544854
4Haydock Reading Room17665525052
5Stubshaw Club17647495349
6Mr. Earls16475484848
7The Turpin View17557485448
8Bryn Labour16484474947
9Newton Conservative 'A'16367385838

3 Man Team Knockout

The draw for the 3 Man Team KO has now been uploaded, see the link on the left. First Round (Last 16) matches to be played on Tuesday 5th March 2024.

Winner to text result to 07711 994717


Monthly Meeting and Rule Change Proposals

Minutes of the December monthly meeting are here, the meeting included the distribution of some proposed rule changes for next season which are published here.

All players should review these proposals and discuss with their Delegate who will submit such views for consideration in the submition of the proposals.


Pairs Knockout

The draw for the Pairs KO has now been uploaded, see the link on the left. First Round (Last 32) matches to be played on Tuesday 9th January 2024.

Winner to text result to 07711 994717

Just a reminder of rule 7b...

Home player/team has until two weeks before the next deadline to arrange each match which must be played on or before that deadline. Failure to arrange the match by this time means the away player(s) can claim home advantage (this needs to be authorised by Chairman or Secretary first). Any problems must be reported to delegate who in turn must inform the League Secretary. Failure to arrange the match by the deadline date that it is due to be played may result in one or both player(s) being disqualified, subject to a vote at delegates

Over-55's Individual Handicap KO

2nd Round Draw

Second round matches must take place by Wednesday 6th December 2023 at the home player venue. It is the home player responsibility to contact their opponent. Failure to do so will result in elimination.

Matches in this round are best of 3 - alternate break - home player breaks first.

Entrants must be over the age of 55 on the 26th September. Players reaching the semi-final must provide evidence of age (birth certificate or passport) at the venue.

First Meeting of the Season Takes Place

The first monthly meeting took place on Wednesday 3rd August, the minutes are attached in the Documents section. Highlights of the meeting were:

  1. With just 9 (poss. 10) teams this season we will play 3 sets of matches with the first half of the season’s fixtures being repeated making 24 matches per team in total. Start date to be determined in the next week.

  2. Additional sponsorship from Jeff Robinson of £200 split between Most Wins and Highest Break, with an additional £25 for a 100 break. A sponsorship pledge of £100 from Danny Horridge for the 3-Man Team.

  3. Two new competitions, an Individual Merit where players play off scratch, best of 3 Frames with Final best of 5 and a Over-55’s Individual KO – as the name suggests, best of 3 frames throughout. Minimum 16 entries to run, more info later in the season.

  4. Frame scores to be recorded on the result cards, to give a better understanding of player performance. 


A Change in Leadership

After 15 years of service Steve ‘Weetabix’ Witkiewicz has stepped down as League Secretary for the Earlestown & District Snooker League.

Steve who has been playing in the league for more than 17 years has held that position for the last 15 years and with Tony Kelly have been the stalwarts holding the league together.

Helping to run a snooker league is no easy task, you can never please everybody, and there’s no doubt there have been many crossed words as well as light-hearted moments during that time. What is certain is that everyone will recognize the hard work and dedication Steve has given to the role, without him, it is quite possible there would no longer be a League.

I’m sure you will all congratulate him on his contribution during all that time and extend all your thanks. No doubt Steve will continue to play and will, as ever, continue to be a staunch opponent.

Jeff Robinson has agreed to take over the role of League Secretary with immediate effect.