1Golborne CMC A241086836183
2Haydock Reading Room24987766876
3Newton Conservative 'B'248115766876
4Golborne CMC B24897747074
5Bryn Labour247125737173
6Mr. Earls246108707470
7Stubshaw Club24879687668
8The Turpin View246711677767
9Newton Conservative 'A'246810618361
This seasons Presentation Night will be at
Golborne CMC on Saturday 29th June 2024
Everyone welcome

Congratulations To This Seasons Winners

League Champions - Golborne CMC A

Runners-Up - Haydock Reading Room/Newton Conservative 'B'

Frank Eaves Memorial Trophy - Mr Earl's

Runners-Up - Newton Conservative 'A'

Individual Merit - Bill Cocker (Golborne CMC 'A')

Runner-Up - Lee Redford (Stubshaw Labour)

Individual Handicap - Steve Witkiewicz (Bryn Labour)

Runner-Up - Mike Hutchinson (Newton Conservative 'A')

Over-55's Handicap - Ian Bryce (Newton Conservative 'B')

Runner-Up - Jimmy Evans (Haydock Reading Room)

Pairs Knockout - Paul Cunliffe & Stuart Allison (Golborne CMC 'B')

Runners-Up - Aidy Naylor & Gary Jones (Haydock Reading Room)

3-a-Side Knockout - Aidy Naylor, Gary Jones, Nigel Whittle (HRR)

Runners-Up - Mike Houghton, Dave Washington, David Leigh (CMC 'A')'

Delegates Trophy - Chris Cooper (Stubshaw Labour)

Runner-Up - Dean (Taz) Latham (Newton Conservative 'A')

Highest Break - Bill Cocker (Golborne CMC 'A') - 66

Most Wins - Mike Yates (Mr Earls) - 16