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Season 2017/2018
1Newton Social A7520271527
2Newton Conservative B7511271527
3Bryn Labour7412261626
4Stubshaw Labour7313232023
5Newton Conservative A7232232023
6Haydock Reading Room B7322212121
7Haydock Reading Room A7304212121
8Q8 Sports Bar6321201620
9Newton Social B6312201620
10Triangle Snooker7403202220
11Golborne CMC B7223202220
12Golborne CMC A7214202220
13Golborne All Saints7142202220
14Garswood Labour7214182418
16Haydock Conservative7025133013

Competition Update - Individual's KO

The draw for this year's Individual KO (in memory of Jimmy McGlory) was completed at the October meeting.

There are 49 entries to this year's competition, a slight increase on last season.

A free date has been set aside for Round One (Last 32) on Tuesday 31st October.

17 x Preliminary Round matches need to be played by 30th October:

J Purnell 0-2 Colin Hitchen
D Jones 0-2 T Wildman
C Lloyd v A Mee
I Bryce v M Lawrenson
A Bentham v M Davies
M Twist v C Parry (Snr)
L Redford v Craig Pye
D Leigh 2-0 J Evans
C Ellison v S Critchley
Charlie Hill v B Cocker
D Rotherham v J Witkiewicz
Craig Hitchen 2-1 C Cooper
P Cunliffe 2-1 L Taylor
M Wingrove v K Higgens
T Kelly 2-1 S Quinn
S Morris v T McKeegan
M Moore v P Ellison

Good luck to all players, please contact the League Secretary if you need any contact numbers.
(Reminder - can all winning players text result & score to League Secretary after your match)

Player Updates...

The following 'Late Player Registration' were accepted at the October Delegate Meeting:

  1. Q8 Sports Bar - Ged Halliwell (+12 - New Player)
  2. Haydock Reading Room A - Charlie Roberts (+25)
  3. Newton Conservative B - Chris Hill (-5)
  4. Golborne All Saints - Dillon Jones (+12 - New Player)
  5. Triangle Snooker Club - Stuart West (+12 - New Player); Peter West (+12 - New Player)
  6. Golborne CMC B - Les Barratt (+12 - New Player); Neil Rathbone (+12)

These have now been added to each team on the website.
(please update your handicap booklets or refer to the site for up to date information)

New Player Handicaps will be updated each month and updated information sheets will be issued to delegates at the monthly meetings.

The website will also be regularly updated to display players current handicaps (this is the figure in brackets next to their name)

If you have any questions or spot any mistakes please contact your delegate and/or the League Secretary, thank you.

Next Delegate Meeting - 1st November

The next EADSL delegate meeting will be held at Newton Social Club, please aim to be there before 7:30pm.

ALL delegates are required to attend, if you are unable to attend, you must send a representative from your team.

Teams not represented at delegates meetings will be fined £5.00 per meeting (Rule 3d.).

Please remember to bring the following to the November meeting, where appropriate:

  1. Monthly Subscriptions - £15 per team
  2. Late Registrations - £3 per player
  3. Any Outstanding Fees & Fines

Thank you.

Secretary & Treasurer
Eealestown & District Snooker League