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Season 2016/2017
Vintage Billiards
1Q8 Sports Bar30197411566115
2Haydock Reading Room A30178511270112
3Bryn Labour30168610576105
4Newton Social B30158710478104
5Newton Social A308157978497
6Haydock Reading Room B3011811938793
7Golborne C.M.C. A3011109928892
8Haydock Conservative3011811928892
9Triangle Snooker301299909190
11Stubshaw Labour B309813849684
12Golborne C.M.C. B307914839783
13Stubshaw Labour A3099128110281
14Garswood Labour3078157710677
15Newton Conservative3059167111171
16Earlestown Conservative3048186711367

Reformation Meeting - Wednesday 16th August

The date and venue for this year's EADSL Reformation Meeting was confirmed at the AGM.

it is important for every Delegate to attend Newton Social Club on Wednesday 16th August to register your team for the new season.

We will aim to start the meeting at 7:30pm - please bring your £20 Registration Fee together with a pen and your list of players.
(we encourage you to register as many players as you think you will need but please try not to register any timewasters, thank you)

League Champions - Q8 Sports Bar!

Congratulations to Q8 Sports Bar who won their final game of the season to claim the league title this year.

In the last couple of months, we had a four horse race involving Bryn Labour (3rd) and Newton Social B (4th),
but with one round of matches remaining, only Haydock Reading Room A (2nd) had any chance of catching
Q8 Sports Bar (1st) - both teams won 4-2 resulting in the lads at Q8 being crowned champions!

Well done to everyone who participated in the league this year - another successful season for the Earlestown & District Snooker League.

Frank Eaves Memorial Trophy - Team KO Competition

Congratulations to Newton Social A on winning the Frank Eaves Memorial Team KO Trophy.

The final was played on Tuesday 23rd May at Newton Social Club:

Newton Social B 1-4 Newton Social A

The match was well attended and played to a high standard, well done to all players involved.

Also, a special thank you to Luise Kratz for agreeing to referee the match, it was nice to see a professional in charge for a change!

Competition Update - Individual's KO

Congratulations to Mike Houghton on winning the Individual's KO Trophy:

Ross Pilkington (Q8 Sports Bar) 0-3 Mike Houghton (Golborne CMC A)

The final was played on Monday 8th May at Newton Social, 8pm start (best of 5 frames).

Thanks to Town Furnishings for sponsoring the event and also to Tony Kelly for refereeing the match.

Competition Update - Pairs KO

Congratulations to Steve Leigh (Snr) & Steve Leigh (Jnr) on winning the Pairs KO Trophy:

R Makin & J Willmitt (Haydock Conservative) 0-2 S Leigh (Snr) & S Leigh (Jnr) (Golborne CMC B)

The final was played on Wednesday 10th May at Newton Social, 8pm start (best of 3 frames).

Thanks to Earlestown Conservative (Mike Moore) for sponsoring the event and also to Jordan Purnell for refereeing the match.

Competition Update - Three Man Team KO

Congratulations to Tony Kelly, Tony Bennett and Lee Canning on winning the Three Man Team KO Competition.

The final of the Three Man Team KO was played on Wednesday 24th May at Newton Social Club:

Team Purnell (Newton Social A) 0-1 Team Kelly (Newton Social B)

Thanks to Newton Social for hosting the final and also to Matty Lawrenson & Q8 Sports Bar for their sponsorship.

Competition Update - Delegates KO Trophy

Congratulations to Ste Quinn on winning the first ever Delegates KO Trophy:

Ste Quinn (Garswood Labour) 2-0 Ste Roberts (Reading Room A)

The final was played on Wednesday 26th April at Newton Social, 8pm start (best of 3 frames).

Thanks to Tony Bennett for sponsoring the event and also to Jordan Purnell for refereeing the match.

Highest Break & Most Wins...

Congratulations to Matty Lawrenson (Q8 Sports Bar) who knocked in a brilliant 104 break in the match against
Newton Conservative on 24th January, the highest break of the season.

Well done also to Aidy Naylor (Haydock Reading Room A), he won his last game of the season to top the
Most Wins ladder - Aidy won 23 of the 29 games he played, an excellent achievement!