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Season 2014/2015
Vintage Billiards
2Bryn Labour261448857185
3Triangle Snooker Club2610106857185
4Newton Social261097857385
5Garswood Labour269125837383
6Haydock Reading Room261187827482
7Stubshaw Cross Labour261169827482
8Newton Conservative266137797779
9Haydock Catholic26989777977
10Golborne C.M.C. 'A'266128778077
11Holy Family265129768076
12Golborne C.M.C. 'B'268810758175
13Haydock Conservative2631013609660
14Earlestown Conservative263815589858

League Reformation Meeting - Wednesday 19th August

Reminder to all Delegates about the Snooker League Reformation Meeting on Wednesday 18th August at Newton Social, 7:30pm.

Please remember to bring your Player Registration Forms and Registration Fees (£20 per team) so that we can get everything ready for the new season - we may still have room for one more team this season, if you know any club who is looking to submit a team this year, please let either me or Tony Kelly know before the 18th August.

Thank you

Steve Witkiewicz
EADSL Secretary

KO Competitions - Clarification...

At the January Delegate meeting, the committee and delegates used the opportunity to clarify a few potential misunderstandings that keep cropping up, these are best summarised as follows:

  1. Free dates are provided for the first two rounds of KO matches, in the event that matches can't be played on these dates, every effort must be made to play the match before the next delegate meeting or one or both players may be disqualified
  2. It is the home player's responsibility to arrange the match, if no attempt has been made to arrange the match within 2 weeks of the previous round deadline, the away player can apply for home advantage via the committee - see Rule 7(c) for further clarification
  3. Contact numbers must be supplied with entries so that players can contact the League Secretary to obtain numbers and arrange matches
  4. NO SHOWS are unacceptable and may result in future bans from KO entry, subject to acceptance at the AGM
  5. There is to be NO discussing shot selection in Pairs matches, so when your opponents visit comes to an end, it is your visit, no chat - simple!
  6. Home players to break in ALL KO competitions (unless at a neutral venue) - this will be reviewed at the AGM
  7. Pairs and Davis Cup are two man team events - in the event that a player has to withdraw, the committee may authorise a PERMANENT replacement who has not entered the competition
  8. It is the winning players responsibility to inform the League Secretary immediately after a match is played

I hope that helps everyone, if you have any questions, please speak with your delegate and if they can't answer them they will get in touch with the committee for further clarification.

Code of Conduct - FAO ALL Players

Delegate Meeting - January 2015

In light of recent events, the Chairman and Secretary feel it necessary to make all players aware of what is expected of them with regards to conduct and behaviour towards officials.

All players need to be aware of the following key points with immediate effect:

  1. The Chairman and Secretary do not run the league, the delegates do
  2. Delegates set the rules at the AGM, the Chairman and Secretary are elected to police these rules and make sure everything is run fairly
  3. We have monthly meetings to discuss any issues and air any views in the open
  4. If you have an issue, please discuss with your delegate and ask them to raise it at the next meeting
  5. It is UNACCEPTABLE to make abusive calls or send abusive texts to officials
  6. It is UNACCEPTABLE to post abusive comments on Social Media aimed towards officials
  7. Please note - any future conduct of this nature deemed to be abusive may incur a ban from the league and all KO competitions

Thank you for your cooperation, it is appreciated.

Chairman and Secretary

Earlestown & District Snooker League