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Season 2011/2012
1Haydock Reading Room A301511411271112
2Haydock Reading Room B30159610576105
3Stubshaw Cross Labour30176710377103
4Newton Social301312510278102
5Golborne C.M.C.3011910968496
6Earlestown Conservative A3012108958695
7Bryn Labour3011910958695
8Earlestown Conservative B301299948894
9Triangle Snooker Club3011910909290
10North Ashton Village Club3011613869686
11Haydock Catholic308715839983
12Garswood Labour3061311829982
13Golborne All Saints Social3089138110081
14St Patricks30511147710377
15Haydock Conservative3087157610676

Preparation for 2012-13 Season...
Following a much needed break, I've been liaising with Chairman, Tony Kelly, with regards to making preparations for the 2012-13 season. Once we've had confirmation from St Patrick's, we will contact each team to inform them of the AGM date, together with other key dates.

The AGM presents us with an opportunity to make improvements to the league and the way it is run.

All constructive suggestions need to reach me by the end of July for consideration at the AGM

Once the deadline has passed, all valid proposals will be listed on here and these will be voted on at the AGM (one vote per team). I will also issue an agenda to all delegates prior to the AGM. The idea is to discuss each proposal with your team so you can decide which way to vote on the night. We are hoping this will allow the AGM to run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

You can email any suggestions, ideas or proposals to me via the address below.

Thank you,

Steve Witkiewicz
EADSL Secretary

FAO: ALL Delegates - Key dates for your diary...
Please make a note of the following key dates with regards to the start of the 2012-13 season:

  • 31st July - Deadline for AGM proposals (text/email your ideas to
  • 15th August - Annual General Meeting (ALL teams must be represented at the meeting)
  • 15th August - Team Registration (please bring your list of players to the AGM)
  • 5th September - Delegate Meeting (Registration Fees, Team KO Fees & September Subs required)
  • 5th September - New rules, fixtures, scorecards and handicap booklets issued
  • 11th September - Season starts, let battle commence...