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Season 2007/2008
1Haydock Reading Room 'A'301695110700
2Bryn Labour301776109710
3Newton Social301956107730
4Golborne Conservative301857107730
5Stubshaw Cross Labour301398102780
6Newton Social301578101790
7St Patricks3010101092880
8Golborne All Saints Social301171288920
10Haydock Catholic30991288920
11Earlestown Conservative 'A'30912987930
12North Ashton Village Club307111286940
14Haydock Catholic 'B'307914791010
15Haydock Reading Room 'B'3031017601200
16Garswood Labour302721571230
Finals Results….

Pairs Final: Monday 28th April
Victory for E Conway and M Morgan. They came back from 1-0 down to take it to the final black in the decider. Jonny Simm missed a fairly easy pot on the black and to make matters worse went in off to hand the match to Stubshaw pairing.
Individuals Final: Tuesday 29th April
Victory for Martin Wingrove totally out-potted Karl Clarke
Three Man Team Final: Wednesday 23rd April
Mick Martin and Dave Moran (Earlestown Cons) V Jordan Purnell