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Season 2005/2006
1Bryn Labour302082123570
2Newton Social3013107104760
3Riley's Snooker Club30149799810
4Golborne All Saints Social30157898820
5Haydock Catholic301110997830
6Earlestown Conservative 'A'30149796840
7Haydock Reading Room 'A'3010101092880
8Newton Social309111091890
9St Patricks30914790900
10Golborne Conservative309101187930
12Stubshaw Cross Labour30891382980
14North Ashton Village Club3010713801000
15Haydock Catholic 'B'306717711090
16Garswood Labour305520641160
Bryn Labour the team of 2005/06
League Runners-Up - Newton Social 'A'

Paul Fitzgerald (Bryn Labour) Beat Lee Canning (Newton Social 'A') 3 - 0

Alan Mee (Newton Social 'B') Beat Dave Travis (Newton Social 'B') 2 - 0

Trevor Critchley (St Patricks) Beat Mick Holmes (Haydock Catholic 'B')

Bryn Labour Beat Golborne Conservative 4 - 0

Mark Twist (Haydock Catholic 'A') - 27 from 28 played

Scott Wall (Newton Social 'A') - 100